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  • Peter Davidson

    Great on e to win

  • poshpink

    Fantastic prize – love wood fired pizza

  • Catherine King

    I would give it to my daughter for a moving in present with her man to have an amazing house party I will be loved even more ha ha fab prize to get

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    lovely prize

  • Brenda Lock

    It would be a present for my daughter as they love eating outdoors and what a surprise for my other grandsons when they visit her as it has been a standing joke for one of them to always asks “well, where is the Pizza Oven, haven’t you bought it for us yet?”

  • Vicki Cook

    My fabulous husband has just finished building (and designing himself) a new gazebo, pergola and patio. We have lots of Lakeland products to help us enjoy our new space outside, so a pizza oven would be a lovely finishing touch.

  • Roger Chamberlain

    I’m a baker ?‍? and I am already dreaming of all the things I could make with my grandchildren with one of these amazing ovens fingers crossed

  • Suleiman Leadbitter

    I’ve been looking at these ovens and they look amazing!

  • Phil Howe

    Generous Giveaway….I Smell Pizza !!!

  • Yvonne Brownsea

    Would be perfect for hubby from our boys ? #FathersDay

  • Roz

    would love to win!