WIN a Smarter iCoffee and iKettle!

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  • Matt says:

    My wife would say ‘my husband’ for the which household item could be made smarter.

    My pick would be the hoover. I wish it could tell me which bits of the house have not been cleaned for a while or parts I have missed. It would be really clever to know the room space and know where it has or hasn’t been.

    If that goes on Dragons Den you read it here first!!

  • Billy Edwards says:

    I would make a smart Mircowave as my poor mum cannot work her head around a normal one. There is a lot you can make with a mircowave that my mum would love. It would have to have simple instructions and pretty colours too!

  • Amrin osman says:

    I would like to win this. My husband love to drink coffee. Every morning 4 to 5 cups. This Icoffee looks really cool.

  • Madeline Connolly says:

    i would make a smart dishwasher as my husband dose not understand that cups and plates have to put into them

  • Janie1616 says:

    Smart hoover that can go up the stairs!!! x

  • Susan Wilson says:

    I’ve dreamed of owning a vacuum cleaner which could be placed in a room and suck up all dirt and dust particles up by itself.

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