Why buy a Dry:Soon heated airer?

Let’s face it the only truly predictable thing about the British weather is the fact that it’s unpredictable most of the time, so when it comes to drying your laundry all year around, pegging it out is not always a viable option. And if inclement weather means line-drying outside is off the cards, what are your alternatives?

Indoor drying made easy
Indoor drying is all very well in principle but the actual reality can be very different, especially if you don’t have the space or inclination to invest in a tumble dryer.

Many of us will opt for traditional drying racks, but muffled radiators and walls of wet washing cluttering your living space and hanging around damp for days while steadily losing its freshness – and leaving you with nothing to wear – can become a real headache and leave you in a never-ending cycle of constantly washing and re-washing but never really getting on top of things.

So bite the bullet and buy a tumble dryer, right? Well, maybe – tumble drying is certainly much faster and would help to clear the backlog of laundry, but they are expensive to run and they’re really not great for drying anything that requires a little extra care so you might still be left waiting for up to a week for certain items of clothing to air-dry naturally and be ready to wear again – not great if you’re running out of underwear, or need clean running kit or your best knitwear fast!

So how else can you keep your bathrooms stocked with fresh fluffy towels, your beds made up with beautifully laundered bedding plus you and your family all kitted out with clean, dry clothes whatever the weather?

Dry:Soon Heated AirerThe answer is easy: Dry:Soon Heated Airers.

Helping you make sense of the drying conundrum to stop soggy socks, sweaters and bedsheets from dominating your day-to-day living, our plug-in heated airers and accessories offer a simple, effective way to beat the washday blues and solve all your wet washing woes whatever the size of your home or household.

Gentle enough to safely dry delicates and efficient enough to dry even the thickest of towels and still keep them wonderfully soft to the touch, our collapsible electric heated drying racks are kinder to clothes and the environment than tumble drying and can be plugged in, switched on and loaded up in minutes – delivering freshly dried laundry in a matter of hours without it costing the earth or leaving you at the mercy of the changeable British weather.

Why Dry:Soon?
We first introduced Dry:Soon to customers back in 2008 when our original Standard 3-Tier heated airer raced to the top of our bestsellers’ list where it’s stayed ever since. Engineered to do its job really well, customers like you have awarded it an average of 4 out of 5 stars (based on over 850 customer reviews) since its launch. We’ve continued to expand the range by listening carefully to what you’ve had to say and, in 2015, we launched our Deluxe model, taking into account your suggestions on how to improve it. Now our standard and Deluxe models have been joined by our Drying Pod and Heated Cabinet, giving you even more ways to dry your clothes whatever the weather, so there’s sure to be a Dry:Soon heated airer to fit your needs whether you live alone, have a family or only have limited floor and storage space.

Built to last and costing just pennies an hour to run, our Dry:Soon heated airers will give years of good service and because, here at Lakeland, we offer a range of Dry:Soon accessories to further enhance the performance of your heated airer – including special zip-up covers to speed up the drying process, castors to make them more mobile and mesh shelves to help dry smaller or delicate items like baby clothes or fine knitwear – you’ll find they’re also a much better investment than cheaper, less efficient versions.


Very sturdy but lightweight and fully mobile, our stand-alone heated electric airers are really easy to move around and can be plugged in anywhere in your home as and when you need them, then easily folded down and packed away when not in use.

Faster at drying indoors than traditional non-heated airers and much more accommodating and efficient than loading your radiators with armloads of laundry, each one benefits from folding shelves that can be positioned to suit your needs: so you can dry T-shirts, socks or larger items over the rungs; lay delicate clothes flat to avoid stretching, or hang sheets and big towels over the top without them touching the floor. While the Drying Pod and Heated Cabinet have rails to hang clothes from, making them ideal for all your jumpers, shirts, trousers and blouses.


Perfect for busy people who aren’t around to make the best of the sunshine or families who have a mountain of washing to work through every day of the week, Dry:Soon Heated Airers offer a completely convenient way to dry your laundry whatever the weather – and whatever the time of day or year – without limiting your lifestyle or compromising your central heating.

Just as useful on overcast or rainy days during the spring or summer as for the cooler months of the year, their simple folding design makes them really quick to put up and, because they’re fast-heating, they’ll start drying in minutes.

Safe enough to be left on overnight, their gently heated bars are kinder to clothes than tumble drying or scorching hot radiators so they won’t harm delicate items like underwear, woollens or do untold invisible damage to expensive specialist leisure wear or sports kit by destroying its wick-away properties. And, for even greater convenience as well as peace of mind, our Deluxe model features a handy built-in 12-hour timer so you can also choose exactly when and how long your airer will run for so you’re always completely in control.

But don’t just take our word for it, for more information on running costs, technical specifications or to read for yourself what other customers like you have said, take a look online at the Dry:Soon range of heated airers and accessories.  

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