“I like it hot, but this is too hot.” “You call this summer? It’s far too cold.” “When will it stop raining?!” We Brits can be a hard lot to please when it comes to summer weather, but one thing remains consistent – we all love an ice cream. Rain or shine, ice cream is the true taste of summer – it revives our spirits when it’s raining and offers delicious refreshment when it’s hot (or too hot!).

But why be constrained to the flavours on offer at the supermarkets or ice cream van? Or worse, have to spend an inordinate amount of time reading through ingredients to ensure an ice cream meets your dietary requirements, only to pay an extortionate price when you do. The solution? Make your own! It couldn’t be easier with a digital ice cream maker, and as you’re in control of the ingredients you put in, you can enjoy your favourite flavours with no nasty surprises…


The joy of making your own ice cream is choosing your own flavours and ingredients, even ones you wouldn’t traditionally associate with ice cream.

To prove there really aren’t any limits with ice cream, here are five of the most unique (to be polite) ice cream flavours from around the globe. Do any tempt your taste buds?

  1. Octopus – with actual tentacles emerging from each scoop, this has to be one of the strangest flavours out there… would you brave this popular ice cream from Tokyo?
  2. Bourbon and cornflake – even outside of ice cream, an odd combination…
  3. Corn on the cob – a surprisingly popular flavour, likely due to its naturally sweet and refreshing taste.
  4. Horseradish – if you find yourself craving some ice cream with your roast beef, this is the flavour to go for!
  5. Haggis – even this classic Scottish dish has been churned into an ice cream.

Even with what seems to be a never-ending array of ice cream flavours on offer, it would appear that we’re a traditional bunch at heart, with classic vanilla topping most ice cream top ten lists and chocolate a close second.

Not sure where to start on your flavour journey? Check out our recipes below for inspiration, with everything from oldie-but-a-goody Chocolate to Brown Bread and Marmalade Ice Cream.

Why stop there? You could use our recipes as a springboard to even more exotic waters with extra ingredients and additions – cornflakes and tentacles anyone? Well, maybe not that exotic…

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