Geometric Heart Chocolate Bombes

Melt their heart this Valentine’s Day with some home-made geometric heart hot chocolate bombes. Combining two of baking’s biggest trends – the hot chocolate bombe and the geometric heart – all they’ll need to add is a mug of hot milk and a spoon. It couldn’t be easier with the help of our Geometric Heart Mould and the simple step-by-step instructions below. And once Valentine’s Day is over, there’s no end to the delicious treats you can make in our fab mould – and you’ll find even more inspiration further down in this blog.

Chocolate Bombe Heart Mould

Step 1 – create the chocolate shell

Place a heat-resistant bowl over a pan of hot water, and melt some good quality chocolate, stirring to make sure it’s smooth and evenly melted. We like to use Guittard® chocolate chips, and if they’re good enough for professional chocolatiers…

Using a silicone pastry brush, brush an even layer of chocolate onto each of the holes in our Geometric Heart Silicone Mould, and pop into the fridge to set. Once the chocolate has hardened, carefully turn the heart halves out of the mould.

Geometric Heart Chocolate Bombe Filling

Step 2 – add your favourite fillings

Add your fillings to a chocolate shell; you’ll need a good spoonful of your favourite hot chocolate. How much you add is up to you, but we recommend Charbonnel et walker Drinking Chocolate for a little bit of luxury.

One of the best things about chocolate bombes is when the shell melts and mini marshmallows pop to the top, so don’t forget to add them!

To make your chocolate bombe, carefully dip the rim of a chocolate shell into a little melted chocolate, and pop it on top of the filled shell, then leave to set.

Step 3 – pipe like a proChocolate Bombe Decorating

Now for the fun bit! Melt a small amount of chocolate, or mix up some icing sugar and water to a pipeable consistency.

Spoon it into a piping bag fitted with a writing nozzle, and swirl and drizzle to your heart’s content. We find that using a colour that contrasts with the chocolate shell stands out best.

And if the two halves of your sphere aren’t joined very neatly, who has to know? Pipe around the join, and cover it with sprinkles. Ta-dah!

Step 4 – add the finishing touches

Give your chocolate hearts some sparkle with a sprinkling of edible silk – we went with gold for added luxury. We also added some freeze-died raspberries for a final Valentine’s flourish.

Next, pop a couple into a cellophane presentation bag, close with a twist tie, and add a gift tag with instructions; ‘Pop into a mug, add hot milk, stir to melt… and enjoy!’ should do it. You can choose whether to sign your name, or leave it as an anonymous Valentine’s Day gift… Either way, they’re sure to love your home-made treats.

The gift that keeps on givingEaster Toppers

For a cute alternative to Easter eggs, you can’t go wrong with these adorable bunny tails.

Follow the first step above, creating two chocolate shells, and fill them with the recipient’s favourite sweets before sealing together with some melted chocolate. Alternatively, for a simpler chocolate treat, use them as individual chocolates without sticking them together. To create different colours you can use candy melts or a Chocolate Colouring Kit. To decorate our bunnies, we used Bunny Paw Edible Toppers and white mini chocolate eggs for the tails.

There are so many other ways you could decorate your chocolate hearts, using different colours and sprinkles to create delicious, bespoke home-made gifts for loved ones’ birthdays. They’d make lovely wedding favours too.

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