Time For A Treat

We’re all for a bit of indulgent snacking now and again (and again), and when our electric treat makers make it so easy to whip up a batch of golden waffles, crunchy sugar-dusted churros, and fluffy doughnuts or cupcakes, it’s hard to say no to anyone (including ourselves!).

I’m making food more fun

We love a bit of serious cooking at Lakeland, but life’s about balance, and sometimes you just want to have a bit more fun with your food and treat yourself and your family to something really scrummy. Step forward our treat makers! These couldn’t-be-easier-to-use machines create bite-sized snacks in minutes. They’re tried and tested just as much as our ‘proper’ cookware so you can be sure they work brilliantly – but we think they’re way more fun!

But when will I use one of those?

More often than you think! We hear all the time how our electric treat-making machines make fab gifts, and we couldn’t agree more. They might not be something you use every day, like a coffee maker or bread machine, but there are so many times you’ll be glad you’ve got a churro maker or waffle machine in the back of the cupboard. Sweet snacks whenever you like – how good is that?

Fancy a teatime treat? Get the cupcake maker out. Having a movie night with the kids… make doughnuts. Woken up ravenous? Let’s have a round of little waffles for brunch. And there’s always that soggy Sunday afternoon when you’re feeling snackish and you just need something to do. You can even involve the kids. They’ll still need help from a grown-up, but using our snack-making gadgetry is a bit less scary than the thought of them going near the oven, and they’ll have a great time helping out.

Dessert Makers

I made these in minutes

When your sweet tooth’s giving you a hankering for a fluffy doughnut or a stack of mini waffles drizzled in rich maple syrup (we’re not drooling, you are!), our treat-creating gadgets get the goodies ready double quick. Within minutes – not even 10! – you can be tucking in, because we know that having to wait for something as scrumptious as a home-made doughnut just isn’t an option…  

Not as naughty as most

We agree – cupcakes, churros and waffles are a little bit naughty, but when they’re oh-so good, why should you always deny yourself? A little of what you fancy does you good, so they say, but when we’re all looking for healthier alternatives – so we can indulge even when we’re weight-watching – we still want all of the flavour with a bit less of the fat.

The gorgeous creations that come out of our mini waffle maker, churro maker and doughnut machine are baked, rather than fried, so they’re that little bit healthier than shop-bought or restaurant-made. And the treats are little mini bites, rather than great big portions – so you can still have your cupcake and eat it.  

Good stuff in…

… good stuff out. It goes without saying that the better the ingredients you use, the better the end result will be. And it’s nice to know exactly what you – and your kids – are eating. A drop of Nielsen-Massey vanilla extract will make all the difference to your batters and cake mixes, and it’s worth spending a few extra pennies on quality flour and sugar.

If convenience is what you’re after – eating even sooner? Yes please – then try a luxury dry mix that needs nothing more than a bit of oil and water adding. Our Belgian-Style Luxury Waffle Mix will be ready for your waffle maker in no time, and we’ve even got a mix that’s dairy-free and egg-free for anyone following a vegan diet. Golden waffles for everyone, hurrah!

Pile on the toppings

When it comes to the finishing touches, the world’s your oyster, and you can be as good or devilish as you like. Waffles served with a scoop of ice cream are never a bad thing, but if you’re trying to eat well, load them up with strawberries and blueberries instead. You could even go savoury with bacon and maple syrup. And if you just want to grab the squirty cream and some sprinkles, go for it! We won’t judge (and may even have done it ourselves… ).

We can’t say no to a fresh churro (or four) dusted in sugar and cinnamon, and if there’s a bowl of melted chocolate or salted caramel sauce to dip them in, even better. And we love our cupcakes in vanilla or chocolate, with a generous swirl of frosting, a few sprinkles and maybe even a cherry on top. There’s not much better.

As for ring doughnuts… we’ll take them whether they’re sugar dusted, glazed or drizzled with chocolate, please. If you’re feeling fancy, add a little food colouring to icing, and dot on a few mini marshmallows, some chocolate chips or some Cake Angels posh toppers in white choc and raspberry or salted caramel brownie. Yum!

Then there’s just one more thing to do… get stuck in!

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