The silent spring clean: 4 top cleaning wins that don’t make a sound

From the vacuum roaring through your home to the clattering of pots and pans, cleaning the house can often be a noisy and disruptive task. Whether you’re an early morning cleaner who doesn’t want to wake the family, or your partner is on that all-important business call, you can still get sparkling results in silence with these 4 top tips.

Muted technology

If you have a little one, nap time is a prime opportunity for getting those cleaning chores done – but the last thing you want to do is wake them with loud appliances! The AirCraft PowerGlide is here to rescue you – this whisper-quiet cleaner polishes and buffs your hard surfaces in peace. By the time nap time is over, you’ll have squeaky clean floors and a happy baby who can safely play all over the house.

Hushed laundry

If there’s one job that’s guaranteed to not make a sound, it’s sorting out the laundry. Whether you have piles ready for the wash or clean clothes that are waiting to be folded, it’s time to tackle them. Use the lightweight Dry:Soon 3-Tier Heated Airer to dry your clothes easily and get the job done fast. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of having empty baskets and full wardrobes, plus you can do it without anyone hearing a peep.

Muffled management

When you find yourself with time to clean but have to keep it on the down low, decluttering your work area is a great thing to tick off the list. Restore order by clearing your desk, removing everything from its surface and drawers. Dust down those areas that are always covered by loose documents with the Flatmate Long Flat Duster, which enables you to get the hard-to-reach corners too. Weed out all the files you no longer need and label the ones you do before putting them back into your spotless study space. Then stand back and marvel at it in all its glory.

Soundless solutions

Spring into action and blitz the built-up grime and dirt that we don’t see every day. From your kitchen taps to bathroom plugholes, we have the perfect silent solutions that take you only minutes. Lift limescale effortlessly from taps with Limey Tap Descaler and Tap Head Cleaner, to leave them looking good as new. Prevent plughole blockages, and the nasty smells that come with them, by using Drain Maintain Enzyme Cleaning Sticks – simply drop them in and let them do their magic.

There are always times when we have to be quiet in the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle cleaning chores at the same time. Try out these silent spring cleaning tips and check out the sparkling results for yourself. You’ll find everything you need on our website.

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