Summer starts here…

Warm summer evenings spent outside with friends, picnics at home or on the move, barbecues, garden parties, stylish alfresco eating and entertaining. We can even help you take your summer indoors when rain stops play.
We’ve packed our latest range with sunny, seasonal inspiration alongside our unrivalled selection of kitchen innovations and solutions for the home. All helping you prepare fresh, seasonal produce, create sensational bakes, cool desserts and drinks, and make your everyday chores a breeze. Everything you need to make the most of your summer.

Meet our new arrivals. 


A few of our favourites… 

71538_1 (1)Cakes that defy gravity

Anti-Gravity Tiers and Spheres Cake Kit 

Create celebration cakes with ever more complicated structures using this latest addition to the Cake Frame family. Specially designed to provide invisible support to multi-tiered or spherical baking creations, all the kit’s components are reusable, fit seamlessly together and can be used in any number of ways to give you even greater creative freedom.





Cool Bags that can go in the washing machine 

Zoom® Washsafe cool bags 

With picnics and kids’ packed lunches, leftovers are unavoidable – and orange peelings, banana skins and empty yoghurt pots often leave evidence in the nooks and crannies of cool bags no matter how diligently you wipe them out.




Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.59.15Fresh gelato without an ice cream maker in sight

Gelato Mixes

With our easy-to-use gelato mix, you can enjoy making and eating delicious home-made Italian-style gelato using only an electric whisk, a bowl and your freezer. Just add milk and cream to the dry mix in a bowl, whisk ingredients together then freeze for a yummy alternative to ice cream, ready to eat in as little as 3 hours.



71528_5The perfect Tarte Tatin 

Lukue Tarte Tatin Mould 

When you’ve put your all into making your tarte Tatin, there’s nothing worse than that moment when you turn the tin over… and nothing happens. Forget trying to coax your cake out only to end up with a pile of pieces on the plate, Lékué’s tailor-made silicone and ceramic set makes it easy to turn out perfect creations time after time.




p52807_1Alfresco Dining 

Amalfi Melamine Tableware 

As the warmer days and balmy evenings of summer arrive, there’s nothing better than eating outdoors. And whether you’re indulging in a leisurely lunch, breaking out the barbecue or hosting a garden party, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the next pages to help your summertime get-togethers go with a swing.




Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.12.36

Bring on the frozen fun 


Fun, innovative and boldly creative, Zoku specialise in vibrantly coloured, kid-friendly ice pop makers that bring a world of flavours to your fingertips.






A Taste of the Mediterranean 

Toscana Harvest Tableware Range 

What better way to serve up summertime feasts than with these beautifully illustrated porcelain pieces?







Fresh jam in just 21 minutes 

Ball freshTech Jam and Jelly Maker 

There’s no need to waste time watching over pans to make perfect home-made jams or jellies when you have Ball’s dedicated Jam & Jelly Maker to do the hard work for you. So much quicker than doing everything by hand, it allows you to produce consistent results every time, making fresh jam or jelly in as little as 21 minutes – once cooled a little, it’ll be ready to spread on scones, toast, crusty bread or whatever takes your fancy.



Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.32.35

Sunshine flavours to savour


Enjoy the taste of summer all year long by transforming the best of nature’s bounty into wonderful, home-made sweet and savoury pickles and preserves that capture the freshest flavours and can be enjoyed for months to come.





Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.39.08Packing won’t fit…? Organise it!

Travel essentials 

If you’re struggling to close your case, don’t just sit on it. Check out our favourite packing helpers on the next few pages, so you can check in a slimmer, more organised suitcase and make departure lounges stress-free.



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