When we think of moths we generally think of the ones that we see at night when a light’s been left on, but it’s actually the species of moths that we don’t typically see that are the problem when it comes to keeping clothes and your home safe.

A hidden problem

life cycle of moths stop prevent moth damage clothes As well as being far harder to spot, it is the eggs and larvae of the Common Clothes Moth and the Case Bearing Carpet Moth that feed on the contents of your closet and also put your cushions, curtains, throws and carpets all at risk. Dark, warm places like wardrobes and airing cupboards provide the perfect breeding ground for these unwelcome visitors and, chances are, by the time you start to notice tell-tale holes appearing in your favourite sweater or soft furnishings, you’ll already have an infestation on your hands.

Protection guaranteed

Here at Lakeland, we’re pleased to say we’re able to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to stopping the ‘wrong’ sort of moths from making your house their home. Our range of moth-stopping products are tried, tested and really easy to use – and best of all, they’re scientifically proven to protect your clothing and your home against ‘unwanted’ moths and their offspring for longer – so you can rest assured that when they’re gone, they’re gone for good. So long pesky moths!

Your guide to our moth-stopping range

Be alert… our Moth Trap will let you know if the ‘wrong’ kind of moths are lurking in your home. Adapting the principle used in traditional flypaper, Moth Trap releases pheromones to attract adult moths and then traps them on its large sticky pad. Stand or hang in any moth ‘danger area’ – the pad remains effective for up to 8 weeks and an indicator shows when it’s time to replace.

Go to the source… our Airing Cupboard Moth Killer & Freshener will provide protection for your airing cupboard. Specially formulated to tolerate the warm, humid environments beloved of moths, it is proven to kill not just them but their eggs and larvae too. Stick it to the wall of your airing cupboard and this lavender-fragranced Moth Killer & Freshener will be effective for up to 3 months.

Wardrobes and drawers… our range of Modelli Moth Stop hangers and sachets are perfect for adding to your wardrobe and your drawers. Created in Milan in association with the Milan Institute of Fashion and the Italian Textile & Fashion Federation, these stylish, scented hangers and sachets by Modelli will keep your favourite garments free from moths and their larvae whilst also smelling wonderfully fresh. Exquisitely presented and delicately perfumed with natural oils in a subtle scent inspired by fine fragrances, each individual hanger and sachet is scented with a beautiful aromatic blend of cedar wood, musk, lotus and jasmine blossom, with top notes of lime, bamboo and green leaf.
Specially designed to be gentle on valuable clothes but proven to eliminate moths, they offer discreet but effective protection for up to 3 months and feature an end-of-life indicator, making it easy to see when they need replacing.

Protect soft furnishings and carpets… spray cushions, curtains, throws and carpets and wherever else the pesky creatures lurk, with our Moth Stop Carpet & Fabric Spray. Effective on carpets and fabrics for up to 3 months, just spray on to kill moths and their eggs and larvae, leaving behind a pleasant lavender fragrance. It also works on carpet beetles, silver fish and dastardly dust mites. 

Seasonal storage… stash away seasonal items safe in the knowledge that they’ll be protected in our Store & Protect Clothes Bags – a safe way to store winter woollies or delicate silks, our tough zip-seal bags keep dust away and munching moths at bay. Or spray garments with our Moth Stop Clothes & Fabric Spray before storing in the wardrobe or in storage bags.

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