The good things in life. Think bubbling-hot wood-fired pizza cooked in 60 seconds; sizzling sausages and almost-too-big-to-fit-in-your-mouth burgers; juicy and tender melt-in-the-mouth steaks and plump, garlicky prawns. Think eat-with-your-hands chicken wings and juice dripping down your chin; chargrilled veg and that’ll-finish-things-off-nicely desserts. Think food with friends outside in the summer sunshine. Think outdoor kitchen.
You could just buy a basic, bog-standard barbecue from the garden centre – but from back garden (or front garden) to park picnic table, campsite to beach and beyond, our range of go-anywhere, cook-anything specialist barbecues and ovens will fire up your foodie imagination and provide the perfect way to get sociable with family and friends this summer. 

Food really does taste better outdoors (yes, even burnt bangers and cremated burgers!) but choose a Cobb barbecue and your culinary horizons will be broadened. Because barbecuing is only the beginning with the Cobb. It can roast, bake, grill, fry and smoke, all with the minimum of effort. And it’s compact enough to be transported to wherever you plan to get grilling.

Cook a full English breakfast – a great way to fuel up for the day when you’re camping; joints of beef, lamb or pork, even pizzas and freshly made bread; stir-fry with the dedicated frying pan, and there’s even an integral moat for infusing your food with the flavour of wine, beer or summery cider (a great excuse to get plenty of extra booze in).

If you like a bit more style with your sizzle, the lightweight Everdure Cube is barbecue cooking at its smartest and easiest, combining the latest technology with eye-pleasing design. We’d expect nothing less from something that food gastronomist extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal’s been involved with. The compact cube can be set up just about anywhere without scorching its surroundings, and the coals will heat up quickly so it’s ideal for impromptu grills on the go, wherever you happen to find yourself. With cool-touch handles, it even incorporates a food-safe storage tray and a bamboo chopping board. Just add friends and get on the road.

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially a Vesuvius-hot home-made one fresh from a wood-fired oven – mamma mia! Of course, you could make a pizza in your kitchen oven (not that it will get anywhere near hot enough for proper pizza) and take it outside, by which time it will probably be cold and a bit soggy – or you could use an Ooni.

There’s no need to go to the time-consuming (and space-hogging) trouble and expense of building a pizza oven in your garden. The Ooni 3 has got your pizzaiola aspirations covered. Quick and easy to assemble, its compact proportions make it suitable for everything from the tiniest backyard to the most expansive garden. And while it may be small, it packs a mighty pizza punch, reaching a scorching 500°C in only 10 minutes to produce an authentic wood-fired pizza with a crisp, charred crust and delicious toppings in only 60 seconds. And it’s not just for pizza, this versatile little oven can roast, smoke, grill and bake as well – what a show off!

Even better, the Ooni 3 can be packed up and taken out and about so it’s fantastic for entertaining. And because it cooks so quickly, you can have lots of people tucking into a slice or two in no time at all.

If you fancy a more permanent fixture in your outside space to make pizza and much, much more, the Ooni Pro will do the job nicely. Get one and you may find it’s all back to yours on a more regular basis! Super-versatile, it offers a larger cooking area (you can make a 16” pizza) so you can invite more people round; it’s bigger and wider inside so you can bake all kinds of bread or a substantial casserole or curry; it comes with a choice of two doors to suit whatever you’re cooking; and it can be adapted for use with a variety of heat sources – wood and charcoal, wood pellets or gas.

To add an extra dimension to all your outdoor cooking and entertaining, check out our wide range of flavour boosters. We’ve sold Bone Suckin’ Sauce for years, and with good reason – it’s spicy, sweet and seriously tasty. And with the trend for all things street food, our Barbecue Around the World Recipe Kit will help you take your guests on an international taste adventure as they tuck into Balinese Pork, Nigerian Beef Suya, Jamaican Jerk Chicken or Turkish-Style Urfa Kebabs. A few twists of the Carmencita Barbecue Grinder will pep up pulled pork, while the Mediterranean Mix will deliver a continental flavour kick to all manner of foods. And for bringing the heat of Spain to the table, Brindisa Salsa Brava will make a piquant marinade for meat, fish and veggies, as well as making a speedy shortcut for home-made patatas bravas – we won’t tell.

Once you’ve cooked your delicious outdoor feast, your guests will need something to eat it off, and we don’t mean flimsy paper plates, which usually mean half your food ends up sliding off onto the grass to be hoovered up by the family dog. We’re talking about the colourful bowls, plates and platter in our suitably summery – and sturdy – Lemon Grove Melamine Range. While the special liquid glass coating on each piece makes them look like ceramic, they’re actually made from virtually unbreakable melamine so can be reused year after year, and they’re perfect for foodie awaydays too.

Finally, to get where you’re going with your food reliably chilled, you’re going to need a Cool Bag. Our ever-popular and super-efficient Lakeland Insulated Cool Bag will keep its contents chilled even in direct sunlight, and if the journey’s a little longer, the fabulous Mobicool can be plugged into your car’s 12V socket to keep things chilled for longer than average. Or, if you want to really up the summer ante, our Lemon Grove Picnicware Range will add a Mediterranean splash of colour to your flame-grilled feasts.

Eat, drink and be summery!


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