Step-by-Step Fiesta Piñata Layer Cake

Tiempo de fiesta! So quick to bake using the Easy Layer Cake Pan Set, this brightly ruffled bake has a hidden piñata core… just slice into the centre to reveal its secret, then serve up every slice with a side of spilled (jelly) beans!


Step 1 – gather your kit
To create our layer cake, we used:

Wilton® Easy Layer 15cm Cake Pan Set

PME food colourings

5cm round cookie cutter

Flat Turntable

5 tubs of Renshaw Vanilla Frosting

SugarSin Juicy Watermelon Gummies

SugarSin Fizzy Tropical Gummies

Additional small sweets of your choice

Get A Grip Piping Bags

Complete Cake Decorating Set – nozzle 104

Step 2 – bake your cake
Grease and line the cake tins and set aside. Mix up a simple Victoria sandwich recipe using a 5-egg mix, then divide this mixture equally between five bowls. Add enough drops of food colouring to each to create vivid colours – we used pink, green, blue, orange and yellow – then add each mix to a tin. Place all the tins in the oven and bake at 180˚C/Gas 4 for 15 minutes, then turn out and allow to cool completely on a wire rack.

Step 3 – cut, stack and frost
Using a 5cm round circular cutter, cut the middles of each sponge out and discard (this is best done by eating them). Place your first sponge on a cake board and build up your cake, sandwiching each layer together with frosting and finishing with a crumb coat on the outside. Leave for 10 minutes in the fridge or an hour at room temperature to set.

Step 4 – fill and decorate
Transfer your cake to a turntable, fill the hole in the centre with sweets, then cover the top of the hole with more frosting.

Divide the remaining frosting between five bowls. Use the same food colours as you used for the sponge mixes to colour these bowls of frosting pink, green, blue, orange and yellow, then spoon each colour into a different piping bag.

Take another piping bag, add a nozzle (we used number 104) and snip off the end. Snip off the end of your first coloured piping bag and place it inside the bag with the nozzle so they’re doubled up – this lets you swap between colours without having to keep taking the nozzle out and cleaning the ‘master’ bag.

Start piping from the bottom of the cake, holding the piping bag with the thinner edge of the nozzle facing outwards. Move the bag up and down as you pipe to create the ruffled look – you’ll need to pipe next to the cake rather than onto it.

Pipe two layers of each colour as you make your way up the cake, swapping the coloured piping bags in and out of the ‘master’ bag. Carry on piping onto and over the top, until the cake is completely covered, then leave to set.

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