Step-by-Step Fiesta Piñata Cupcakes

Get piñata-party ready with frilly and frosting-topped cupcakes, baked to light and fluffy perfection in our 12 Hole Deep Bun Tin, filled with a secret stash of sprinkles and finished with layers of colourful icing or swirly-whirly frosting.


Step 1 – gather your kit

To create our fiesta piñata cupcakes, we used:

Step 2 – bake your cupcakes

Any of your favourite cupcake recipes will do here – we used ours for Delightful Vanilla Cupcakes – baked in our 12 Hole Deep Bun Tin, using our fiesta-bright cupcake cases for an instant pop of colour.

Step 3 – get to the core

Using the smaller coring tube with the cupcake corer, remove the middles from all the cupcakes. Don’t throw these bits away – instead, cut half of them in half so you’ve got 12 little discs of cake. (Feel free to eat the rest – there’s no point in wasting perfectly good cake!) 

Half-fill the holes with the Fiesta Sprinkletti, then pop your little discs of cake on top, so these sit level with the top of the cupcake. Finish off with a layer of vanilla frosting.

Step 4a – all the frill of the fiesta!

To give your cupcakes a frilling finish, choose different colours of ready-to-roll icing – there are loads of fiesta-bright shades available – and roll out each to 5mm thick.

From the 20-Piece Cookie Cutter Set, select the smallest cutter and then four more sizes of cutter, up to one that’s a little bigger than the top of your cupcake – you’ll need five cutters in all. Use the cutters to cut out circles of icing, mixing up sizes and colours so that no two cupcakes end up with the same sequence of colours on top.

Stick the largest icing circles to the frosting on the top of your cupcakes – you can pinch the edges of the icing with your fingers to create a wavy edge. Add the four other layers of icing and attach them using edible glue, building up from the largest to the smallest, waving the edge of the third icing circle too.

Step 4b – give it a swirl

For a two-tone swirly frosting top, paint a few stripes of food colouring inside a piping bag, fill with Renshaw Vanilla Frosting and then pipe on top of each cupcake – we used the large open star nozzle from our Professional Piping Set to get the lovely swirly ice-cream-cone effect.

Inspired? Try our recipes for Piñata Layer Cake, Cactus Cones, Cake Pops and Piñata Anti-Gravity Cake and create a table fit for any fiesta or piñata party.