Step-by-Step Fiesta Piñata Anti-Gravity Cake

Your fiesta party table deserves a truly showstopping bake – and this is it. Created using our Anti-Gravity Cake Kit, 20cm Deep Round Cake Tin, Small Hemisphere Cake Pan and lots of sweet stuff, this is one fiesta-ready piñata that won’t need to be cracked open – the challenge will be keeping little hands away from it!


Step 1 – gather your kit
To create our anti-gravity cake, we used:

Anti-Gravity Cake Kit

20cm Deep Round Cake Tin

2 tubs of Renshaw Vanilla Frosting

Small Hemisphere Cake Pan

PME pink food colouring

PME blue food colouring

Side Scraper

Scrumptious Sprinkles Fiesta Sprinkletti

Renshaw Ready-to-Use Royal Icing

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Coloured Icing

Edible Glue

Get A Grip Piping Bags

SugarSin Juicy Watermelon Gummies

SugarSin Fizzy Tropical Gummies

Additional small sweets of your choice

Step 2 – bake and build
Make two vanilla sponges using the 20cm deep round cake tin (you can use a standard 3-egg mix for each) and turn out on a wire rack to cool. Click together the supporting rods from the anti-gravity kit, then slot one end into one of the holes at the side of the plate. Use the little plugs to fill the other four holes in the base plate.

Lower one of your sponges down over the rod onto the base plate. Add a layer of vanilla frosting, then lower your other cake down on top.

Step 3 – shape the piñata
To make the rice crispy ball for the piñata, melt 25g butter and 140g large marshmallows in a pan over a low heat. Once completely melted, add 150g rice crispies and mix together. Leave the mixture until it’s cool enough to handle, then use your hands to shape it into a ball (adding a little butter to your hands will stop the mixture sticking to them). Press into a pair of hemisphere tins to ensure the ball is as smooth and round as possible, and leave to set at room temperature. Reserve enough vanilla frosting to lightly coat this ball.

Step 4 – shape and cover
Carve out a chunk of the cake with a knife so the sweets can ‘tumble’ down the side. Colour three quarters of the remaining frosting with blue food colouring, then use a palette knife to cover the whole cake, including the carved side, using the side scraper to smooth the edges and top.

Before the blue frosting sets, sprinkle the Fiesta Sprinkletti around the bottom of the cake to create a border – there’s no need to add this to the part where the cake is cut away, as this will be covered up with sweets.

Colour your remaining quarter of frosting with the pink colouring and spoon into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. Pipe pink rosettes way round the top rim of the cake, leaving a gap where the cake has been cut away.

Step 5 –  position the piñata
Turn out your rice crispy ball and press it onto the top of the rod, fixing it into place with a little royal icing.

Once this has set, cover the ball with the reserved, uncoloured vanilla frosting.

Roll out a little ready-to-roll pink icing, place it over the ball, and smooth and shape into place until the ball is covered.

Step 6 – fashion the frills
Roll out ready-to-roll icing in several bright shades – we used fuchsia pink, orange, green, yellow and pink – and cut into strips about 5mm thick, 2cm wide and 10cm long. Using a knife, cut lines to create the tasseled look.

Starting at the bottom of the ball, use edible glue to attach each length of tassels. Work your way up the ball, taking care to overlap the tassels so you can’t see the icing underneath.

Step 7 – add the sweets
Collect together your chosen sweets. Add a little royal icing to a piping bag fitted with a small round nozzle. Starting at the bottom of the carved out part of cake, add sweets one by one, attaching each with a little royal icing. Overlap and layer up the sweets to make them look like they’re tumbling out across the cake.

When you get to the rod, add royal icing to the rod first, then stick on smaller sweets until you get to the bottom of the piñata. Tuck the final few sweets up under the tassels so that they look like they’re falling out of the piñata.

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