Step-by-Step Fiesta Cake Pops

With their big black mustachios and tongue-tingling sweetie hats, these cake pops make a devilishly dashing addition to any fiesta party table – and they’re so easy to pop out of our Silicone Cake Pop Mould. Prop them up in a sweet-filled jar and watch them disappear!


Step 1 – gather your kit
To create our cake pops, we used:

Silicone Cake Pop Mould

200g white chocolate

Small polystyrene cake dummy

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Black Icing

Edible Glue

Fizzy sweets and gumdrops

Renshaw Ready-to-Use Royal Icing

PME black food colouring

Red and white striped paper straws

Step 2 – bake and coat your pops
Bake the cake pops according to the instructions on the mould, then pop them out once cooled. Meanwhile, set aside as many cake pop sticks as you need – one per cake pop. (They’re supplied with the mould, or available to buy separately here). Melt the white chocolate. Dip one end of each cake pop stick into the chocolate, then stick that end into the cake pop ball. Push the other end of the stick into a polystyrene cake dummy while the chocolate sets – you can put them into the freezer for a few minutes to speed this up.

Once your sticks are set hard into your cake pops, dip each cake pop into the melted chocolate until fully covered. Hold over the bowl until the drips have stopped, then stick back into the cake dummy. Once all your pops are back in the dummy, place this back in the freezer for another few minutes to help the chocolate set.

Step 3 – make the mustachios
While you’re waiting for the chocolate to set, make the moustaches. Take a small ball of black ready-to-roll icing in your palm, roll in into a teardrop shape, then flatten it slightly and bend the narrower end up a little. Once set, use a little edible glue to attach two of these to each cake pop, with the fatter ends against each other, to make a moustache.

Step 4 – finishing touches
To make the hats, use a little royal icing to stick gumdrops to some flatter fizzy sweets. Let these set, then attach to the top of the pops with a little more royal icing. Finish your pops off by painting on ‘eyes’ using a little black food colouring and a fine food-safe brush.

For perfect presentation, cut red and white stripy straws to slip over the length of the cake pop sticks before popping into a sweet-filled jar.

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