Step-by-Step Fiesta Cactus Cones

A succulent take on ice cream cone cake pops, baked, decorated and served using our 12 Cone Baking Rack and iced with desert-worthy detail thanks to our Complete Cake Decorating Set.


Step 1 – gather your kit
To create our cacti, we used:

12 ice cream cones

12 Cone Baking Rack

Silicone Cake Pop Mould

Renshaw Chocolate Frosting

PME green food colouring

Complete Cake Decorating Set – nozzles 30, 74, 98, 100 and 104

Renshaw Ready-to-Use Royal Icing

Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Coloured Icing

4 Daisy Icing Cutters

Edible Glue

Step 2 – cones and cake pops

Place 12 ice cream cones in the cone baking rack, then make a basic sponge cake mix and fill them up to the top. Bake for 10 minutes or until the cake is golden brown and springy, and leave to cool in the rack. Meanwhile, bake 12 cake pops in the silicone cake pop mould as per the instructions, leave to cool in the mould and then turn out.

Step 3 – shape your cacti
Once fully cooled, cover the tops of the cones with a generous layer of chocolate frosting. Before this sets, place a cake pop on top and press down.

Step 4 – go green
Mix up some buttercream (you’ll find our recipe for best-ever buttercream here), and add enough green colouring to turn it a deep cactus green. Place an icing nozzle into a piping bag – we used numbers 30, 74, 93, 100 and 104 to get different effects – then add the green icing. Starting at the bottom of the cake pop, pipe up the sides, keeping the strips of icing close together to ensure you cover the cake pop completely.

Repeat using different nozzles to get different effects. To create a cactus with an extra top, add another cake pop on top of your icing and again pipe around from base to top. Let the buttercream set completely until firm.

Step 5 – finishing touches
Mix a little green food colouring into royal icing to make a pastel colour, and add this to a piping bag fitted with a small round nozzle (we used number 2 from our set). Pipe small dots onto the cacti to make ‘spines’.

Roll out your choice of coloured icing – we used yellow, orange and pink – and use the daisy cutters to make little flowers. Add contrasting centres by squashing a small ball of icing between your fingers and then attaching with edible glue. Let your flowers dry and then use a little more edible glue to attach them to your cacti.

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