Raspberry & Rose Mint Fizz

Serves 6

Made using Blackberry Patch Raspberry Syrup


  • 12 tbsp Blackberry Patch Raspberry Syrup
  • 12 drops Star Kay White Rose Water Extract
  • small bunch fresh mint
  • 1 lemon & 1 lime, zest pared into strips
  • 100g frozen raspberries
  • 500ml soda or sparkling water


  1. Add 2 tbsp raspberry syrup and 2 drops rose water to each milk bottle, plus a sprig of mint and strips of citrus zest.
  2. Just before serving, divide the frozen raspberries between the bottles, top off with soda or sparkling water, stir and serve with straws.

Tip: to make this a more adult drink, add champagne or prosecco in place of the soda water.