Frosted Lemon Mousse


Refreshingly cool and citrusy, this delicious dessert shapes up to an impressive dinner party finish, thanks to the Silikomart Silicone Lemon Dessert Mould.


  • 4 gelatine leaves
  • 200g cream cheese
  • 50g caster sugar
  • Finely grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 70ml lemon juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 150ml double cream
  • 2-3 drops yellow food colouring
  • Small bay leaves, to decorate


  1. Soak the gelatine leaves in a jug of cold water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, beat together the cream cheese, caster sugar and lemon zest.
  2. Put the lemon juice into a saucepan with 30ml water. Lift the soaked gelatine from the water, squeeze out any excess liquid and add the gelatine to the saucepan. Heat gently to dissolve, taking care not to boil. Once fully dissolved, remove from the heat and cool for 10 minutes.
  3. While the gelatine liquid is cooling, whisk the egg white in a grease-free bowl until it holds its shape. Gently fold through the cream cheese mixture. Whip the cream until it starts to thicken, then fold this through too. Stir in 2-3 drops of yellow food colouring.
  4. Slowly pour the gelatine liquid into the cream cheese mixture, stirring as you go to incorporate fully.
  5. Put the Silikomart Silicone Lemon Dessert Mould onto a tray to keep it steady. Spoon in the mixture and level off the tops – the moulds should be full, so that they can be turned out more easily. Transfer to the fridge to set for 2-3 hours. When set, transfer to the freezer and freeze for 3-4 hours, or overnight.
  6. To turn out the moulds, carefully run the point of a knife around the rim of each ‘lemon’, then push up from the base to release. Place on serving plates and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes, then serve, decorated with bay leaves.

Choose a tray or baking sheet that will fit into your fridge, and clear a shelf before you start. You’ll need space in your freezer too – and it needs to be level!

Try a blueberry sauce with the dessert – just simmer 200g blueberries, 50ml water and 30g caster sugar for 2-3 minutes, until syrupy. Blitz and strain if you like.