Caramel Ripple Ice Cream

serves 4

A divine dessert, it’s salty-sweet and a treat to eat


  • 180ml double cream
  • 180ml full fat milk
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 75g tin caramelised condensed milk


  1. Pre-freeze the base of your ice cream maker for at least 24 hours.
  2. Heat the cream, milk and vanilla extract in a pan until it is just beginning to boil at the edges then remove from the heat. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until thick, light and creamy. Pour the cream mixture onto the eggs and mix well. Allow to cool.
  3. Place the mixture in the ice cream maker and churn for 25 minutes until it forms soft-scoop ice cream.
  4. In the final few minutes, add the caramelised condensed milk so it forms swirls in the ice cream. Serve immediately or freeze until required, allowing it to stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Tip: You can add a teaspoon of sea salt flakes with the caramel to make salted caramel.