California Prune & Porter Truffles

Makes approx. 50 truffles

A recipe by Paul A. Young


For the ganache

  • 250ml porter or fine quality stout
  • 225g prune pure*
  • 50g unrefined dark muscovado sugar
  • 300g 55% Duffy’s Venezuelan Ocumare milk chocolate or other high percentage milk chocolate
  • 15 California prunes, quartered

For the shell

  • 500g 67% St Dominique dark chocolate
  • Edible shimmer powders in copper and bronze

*For the prune pure

  • 225g California stoned, ready-to-eat prunes and 90ml water
  • Using a liquidiser, blend the prunes with water until pured
  • Makes 275g ─ leftover pure can be kept in the fridge for up to a week


  1. Bring the porter, prune pure and sugar to a very light simmer then immediately take off the heat and whisk until all the prune pure is incorporated.
  2. Pour onto the milk chocolate and whisk well. Allow to cool.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare your mould by adding the metallic shimmer powder with a small paintbrush, tapping a small amount into each individual mould.
  4. Temper your chocolate (link to tempering step-by-step) and line your mould to create your shell then refrigerate the lined mould for 10 minutes.
  5. Place a quarter of prune into each mould.
  6. Fill your piping bag with the cooled and still liquid ganache and fill each mould, leaving a 2 to 3mm gap at the top.
  7. Leave the filled moulds overnight to set and crust. The crust is the top layer of the ganache which dries out, allowing you to cap off the chocolates.
  8. Temper a small amount of chocolate and cap off your chocolates to seal in the ganache.
  9. Refrigerate for 10 minutes before the exciting part of carefully turning your chocolates out and, of course, eating them.

Tip: Your finished chocolates will keep for 2 weeks in a cool, dry place.