Burrowing Bunny Cupcakes

From Peter to Bugs, the one thing a rabbit can’t resist is carrots, which is why our cute coneys are digging for victory. Not as hard to make as they look – we’ve included our top tips below – these flowerpot friends are sure to bring a little fun to your Easter table. Bottoms up!


Get potting…
Bake a batch of your favourite muffins in our Flowerpot Cupcake Cases – a standard 100g butter/100g sugar/100g flour/2 eggs Victoria sponge mix works well split between six flowerpots – just adjust the amounts, colour and flavours to suit.

Go green…
Mix up buttercream and add green colouring until you get the shade you want. Using a grass icing nozzle (they’re the ones with all the little holes in the end – there’s one in our Complete Decorating Set), pipe little ‘blades’ of grass all over the top of your cupcakes. Finish with a sprinkling of crushed Oreo biscuits (remove the cream filling first) to make the ‘soil’.

Bunny fun…
To create each burrowing bunny, you’ll need two ping pong ball-sized pieces of Renshaw’s Flower & Modelling Icing Paste. One is for the bunny’s bottom – just roll this one into a ball. With the other, remove a blueberry-sized piece for the tail, roll into a ball and attach to the top of the bunny bottom with a little water. Use a cocktail stick to prick the tail all over to give it a fluffy cottontail texture. Split the remainder of the second ball into two to make the feet. Shape each into a pear shape and use the side of a cocktail stick to make indentations for the toes. For the pads of the feet, take a pea-sized amount of pink icing (you can either use pink modelling paste or colour white paste) and roll two small balls for the pads of the feet and six tiny balls for the toes. Flatten them slightly and stick to the feet with water. Position your bunny bottom in the ‘soil’ of the cupcake, then attach the feet to it with water.

Dig for victory!
Once your bunnies are safely burrowing away, finish with their harvest – a crop of the finest (sugar piping) carrots.

Easter and bunnies go hand in hand but we’ve got loads of other springtime showstoppers you can showcase at your table – check out our Easter baking blog for more bunny-themed bakes and the cutest Easter cakes and cookies.