Bucket & Spade Cake

Guaranteed to make everyone want to dig in, this gravity-defying bucket and spade bake is perfect for any summery celebration. Follow our step-by-steps to recreate the magic using our Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit.


Here are a few of our popular cake recipes to give you some ideas, chose your favourite flavour:



To build up the cake…

  1. Bake three 6″ (15cm) sponges in whatever flavour you prefer and stack them up. Using a 4″ (10cm) disc as a guide, cut down on a slant from top to base all the way round, so the top sponge is 4″ Dia. at the top and the bottom sponge is 6″ Dia. at the base.
  2. Secure one of the supporting rods to the central hole in the base plate of the kit with the locking nut and cap off the other holes.
  3. Lower the smallest sponge over the rod, narrowest side down, and top with a layer of buttercream.
  4. Repeat with the two larger sponges, smaller side down, to create your bucket shape.
  5. Add the angled ‘corner’ rod to the top of the supporting rod.
  6. Cover the whole cake with a layer of buttercream and smooth off.
  7. Roll out light blue fondant icing to 3-4 mm thick, wrap around your bucket cake and trim off any excess.
  8. Add a strip of the same colour fondant at the top of the ‘bucket’ to make the rim, then attach the other rod to the angled piece.

To make the spade…

  1. To make the shaft of the spade, mould a cylinder of red icing approx. 2cm Dia. and 13cm long. Insert a bamboo skewer through the length of the icing, leaving approx. 2cm of the skewer exposed at one end, and enough of the skewer at the other end to fit from the corner of the angled rod to the end of the top rod.
  2. Slot the skewer inside the rod and smooth the bottom of the red icing over the end of the top rod.
  3. Roll out two blade-shaped pieces of red icing to make the spade’s blade. Attach one to the underside of the exposed supporting rod above the angled piece.
  4. Attach the other piece to the top side of the rod and smooth together.
  5. Cut out two long, thin triangles of red icing to make the sides of the blade, and a cylinder to act as the handle. Attach the triangles to either side of the blade with the base nearest the shaft.
  6. Attach the handle to the top end of the shaft, using the end of the skewer to hold it in place.
  7. Using a palette knife, cover the exposed, angled part of the supporting rod with buttercream and spread a little buttercream onto the bottom of the blade.
  8. Sprinkle soft brown sugar over the blade, supporting rod and top of the cake to create the sand.

Finish off your seaside masterpiece by adding another strip of red icing to create the bucket handle, a scattering of ‘sand’ around the base of the bucket and a few shells.