10 ways to prepare your home for winter

Autumn days are with us and while the trees are putting on their finest colours it’s time to get organised for snugness before the temperatures drop with the leaves…


23786_11. Dust all the corners of the house that you don’t normally get to and think about putting conkers or an anti-spider spray in places that spiders like to rest, so they have no reason to hibernate with you. Wipe down the frames of windows that now need to be closed and clean out the grooves of double glazed units to ensure they close easily again.

2. Make sure you have a good doormat outside each entry to the house. Damps days mean muddy shoes, wellies and paws that will make floors much harder to keep clean, so you might need absorbent mats inside too, to truly beat the problem. . 

3. Stock up on firewood for your fireplace or wood-burner so that you don’t run out when the properly cold weather arrives – and get the chimney swept or use the Ash Vacuum if the local sweep’s too busy. 

4. Drape a cosy throw over each comfy chair in your living room so that you can snuggle up and keep warm even on days when you can’t be bothered to light a fire or if you’re trying to keep those heating bills down.22205_1

5. Sort out summer clothes for storage, sending the least favourite articles to be recycled by charity shops or hold a clothes swap party with your friends – a great excuse for a get-together!

6. Unpack stored winter-weight duvets and blankets, then wash and pack away lightweight things in their place.

7. Think about how you’re going to dry laundry on short, soggy days – have you got a folding ‘clothes maid’ like your granny used to have or is this the year you upgrade to a Dry:Soon Airer?

8. Outside you’ll need to keep leaves swept off the garden paths so they don’t get slippery – they make great compost for future planting – gutters and drains need checking so they don’t block up and outdoor taps need wrapping up or turning off at the stop-cock so that they don’t freeze. 

p22724_19. Keen gardeners will want to check on greenhouses, brush out all the corners, get rid of mould on the glass and consider whether to line with bubble wrap to insulate delicate things that like to overwinter in the dry.

10. Finally, dig out all the recipes for family favourites; warming stews and soups, fruit cakes and spicy biscuits that are perfect to have with friends and a cuppa on a dreary day. 


Looks like a busy autumn in the offing! But a little work now will make the short days of winter seem so much more enjoyable… 


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