Parchment-Lined Foil: serving up summer

Side dishes ready to serve at your garden party; succulent, flavoursome fish cooked en papillote; perfectly parcelled traybakes and muffins, ready to pack straight into a picnic basket… when it comes to cooking and baking the tastes of summer – and then serving them with the minimum of fuss (and no washing-up!) – our parchment-lined foil is a sure-fire sunny season winner.

Cooked indoors, enjoyed outdoors
We love our parchment-lined foil but we know that some customers struggle to see why they should choose it over foil and/or parchment. Well, there are those tasks where only foil will do (covering roasts in the oven, baking potatoes on the barbecue), and there are others where parchment’s best (like lining the bottom of cake tins), but when it comes to cooking and serving up summer, having the properties of both is exactly what you need, and here’s why…

What each side brings to the party
The foil side insulates and the parchment side protects, so food cooks evenly and nothing sticks. But it’s the parchment side that really comes into its own when it comes to summery serving. Holding its shape much better than foil alone, you can trust it to stay put no matter what form you fashion it into: en papillote parcels, traybake trays, tart or muffin cases…we keep discovering new ways to use it.

Fold it, shape it… serve it!
Once you’ve chosen your savoury or sweet treat, simply fold your parchment-lined foil into the shape you need – foil on the outside, parchment on the inside – add your ingredients and it’s ready to work its magic. Here are some of our favourite parchment-lined party and picnic turns.

Bring it to the barbecue
Cooking out for a crowd? Few of us own all-singing, all-dancing grills that cook everything, with space for a roast hog on the side. So it makes your life a lot easier – and fills your guests’ bellies faster – if you can do some of your cooking indoors and then take it out to the party. Perfect for bits on the side like potatoes baked with taleggio cheese, your DIY tray will hold all the gooey, sticky, drippy bits safely inside so you can transport it to the table without leaving behind a telltale trail of cheese. And when you’re done – just ball up the tray and throw it away. No mess, no washing-up – that’s our kind of entertaining!

Just in case you’re tempted, please don’t use our parchment-lined foil on your barbecue: flammable parchment + naked flames = potential party disaster – you have been warned…

Perfect en papillote
For something a little more sophisticated, try serving up a fishy dish en papillote. (To those of us whose French extends no further than asking where the nearest station is, all this means is ‘cooked and served in a paper wrapper’.) Easy to fold into parcels, our parchment-lined foil is perfect for en papillote cooking, holding in moisture to steam your food and retaining all the delicious juices and flavour for really succulent results. Once the contents are cooked to perfection, carry your parcel outside and open it at the table to send the aroma circulating and draw in the fish fiends.

Pack up a picnic

Heading out to spread a blanket, enjoy the sunshine and savour some delicious dainties (as long as the Great British Summer obliges, naturally)? Make basket-packing and serving a cinch by baking a batch of golden flapjacks or millionaire’s shortbread in a traybake ‘tin’, mouth-watering muffins in individual origami-style wrappers, or a set of shallow savoury tarts, perfect for parcelling out when you reach your destination.
And, in the spirit of summery grub, you’ll find our go-anywhere, cook-anything barbecue blog

Other parchment-lined pluses…

  • Because the parchment side is superbly non-stick, it’ll release your masterpieces effortlessly, with no struggle to free your food when you’re ready to serve it at your alfresco feast.
  • If you don’t like cooking or baking on aluminium foil, this is the perfect answer – all the great qualities of foil, but without bringing your food into direct contact with it.
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