Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially a Vesuvius-hot home-made one, fresh from a wood-fired oven only a minute after it went in – mamma mia! Of course, you could make a pizza in your kitchen oven (not that it will get anywhere near hot enough for proper pizza) and take it outside, by which time it will probably be cold and a bit soggy – or you could use an Ooni – the outdoor pizza oven formerly known as Uuni.

Now there’s no need to go to the time-consuming (and space-hogging) trouble and expense of building a pizza oven in your garden, the Ooni range of pizza ovens and accessories has got all your pizzaiolo aspirations covered. Wood-fired, gas-powered, or multi-fuel – with three Ooni ovens to choose from, you’re sure to find one that best suits your outdoor dining needs.


Quick and easy to assemble, the compact proportions of the Ooni 3 make it suitable for everything from the tiniest backyard to the most expansive garden. And while it may be small, it packs a mighty pizza punch, reaching a scorching 500°C in only 10 minutes to produce an authentic wood-fired pizza with a crisp, charred crust and delicious toppings in only 60 seconds. And it’s not just for pizza, this versatile little oven can roast, smoke, grill and bake as well – what a show-off!

Even better, the Ooni 3 can be packed up (there’s a separate cover available) and taken out and about to the park, campsite, beach and beyond, so it’s fantastic for entertaining just about anywhere. And because it cooks so quickly, you can have lots of people tucking into a slice or two in no time at all.


If you fancy a more permanent fixture in your outside space to make pizza and much, much more, the Ooni Pro will do the job nicely. Get one and you may find it’s all back to yours on a more regular basis!

Super-versatile, it offers a larger cooking area (you can make a 16” pizza) so you can invite more people round. It’s bigger and wider inside so you can bake all kinds of rustic breads or a substantial casserole or curry and a huge range of other food – with the help of accessories such as the Skillet, Grizzler Pan and the handsome cast iron 4-Piece Set. It comes with a choice of two doors to suit whatever you’re cooking. And it can be adapted for use with a variety of heat sources – wood and charcoal, wood pellets or gas. Told you it was versatile.


Koda is the good-looking new kid on the block. Gas powered and chimney-free, this sleek, no-fuss, no-mess oven fires up to 500°C in 15 minutes – its carbon steel shell and flame keeper device ensure optimum heat retention for super-fast cooking – so you can get a slice of the pizza action in only 60 seconds. Ready right out of the box – just unfold the legs, insert the baking stone and connect to a gas bottle – this portable pizza oven can go wherever you go.


Well, that all depends on how you’re going to use your Ooni. For simplicity and portability, the sleek gas-powered Koda is the one to go for – ready to go with no assembly, just connect a gas bottle and fire it up. If a wood-fired slice floats your boat, then the Ooni 3 will be your best friend at home and on the road. But if it’s a versatile back-garden beauty you want, the stay-put Pro ticks all the boxes.

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