Get that line-dried laundry feeling

There’s nothing quite like the freshness of sun-warmed, wind-blown, line-dried laundry – it’s almost like you can smell the scent of summer days on your clothes. Which is why we’ll always try to peg our washing out if the sun is shining; or there’s a bit or a breeze; or it looks like the rain might hold off for a few hours at least…! But if you’re yet to be converted to the wonders of washing lines, there are plenty of practical reasons to hang your washing out to dry too…

  1. Your clothes will love you for it

Line drying is much kinder than tumble drying, which exposes clothes to a lot of heat and potential shrinkage. Hanging your clothes out rather than sticking them in the dryer helps them stay in the best possible condition, so they keep looking good and you can wear them for longer.

  1. It’s free!

Once you’ve got your line and pegs, it doesn’t cost you a penny. Let Mother Nature give you a helping hand while you save on your electricity bills.

  1. … and it’s better for the environment

Cutting down on your electricity usage is always a good thing. Who doesn’t feel better knowing they’re doing a little bit more for the planet?

What do I need to start outdoor drying?

Getting on line

First things first – you need a line to hang your laundry on. Depending on the size and shape of your outdoor space, this might be anything from a simple clothes line (or two) to a space-saving rotary airer or a wall-mounted one – whatever makes the best use of the space you have, but without getting in the way of anything else you use your own little patch of the great outdoors for.

And because the Great British weather is notoriously unpredictable – and you don’t want to be running in and out all the time on a showery day to get the washing in – Leifheit have come up with a clever Pop-Up Airer that’s light enough to move from your patio or balcony back inside, without having to unload it first.

We’ve got you pegged

One peg’s pretty much the same as any other, right? Well, they all do the same job, but everyone’s got their favourite style, which is why we have so much choice in our range. Everything from classic wooden ones to giant, hold-onto-pretty-much-anything Mega Pegs and our bestselling Soft Grip Pegs, which keep tight hold of your laundry without leaving any annoying marks. Just ask Ted! (or read our peg-straordinary story here). And you’ll find plenty of bespoke bags to keep your chosen pegs close to hand too.

Handy hampers

We’ve got plenty of laundry baskets to help you get the washing from your machine to the line, and our long-standing customer favourite Laundry on Legs will even save your back from all that stooping and bending when you get there.

And if we’re not so lucky with the weather…

Let’s face it, the weather isn’t always going to oblige, and when it’s raining cats and dogs, we’ve got a whole host of indoor drying solutions to take care of the laundry load.

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