Lakeland People – Say hello to Jane!

This week another one of our wonderful long-term Lakeland colleagues, Jane from Tunbridge Wells, would like to share with your her Lakeland story. 

Who are you?


What do you do at Lakeland?

Retail Assistant 

How long have you been part of the Lakeland story?

21 years on 20th June

What was your first job at Lakeland?

24hr Part time retail assistant

We often say that we help our customer find products that “they never knew they needed, but can’t live without” – Which Lakeland product could you not live without and why?

The Lakeland steam mop.  It’s much easier and quicker than a mop and bucket, no cleaning products needed – my floors have never been so clean!  

What do you love about Lakeland?

Our customer service and guarantee and our lovely customers! Also all the innovative products that I have seen over the years.

Do you have a fun Lakeland story to share?

When I came for my second interview (with Customer Ambassador Wendy Miranda) and she offered me the job I had applied for I was so excited that when I went back to the car park I couldn’t find my car as I had forgotten which floor it was on! I still have that excitement about my job to this day.

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