Lakeland People – Say hello to Rae!

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we interviewed a number of our fabulous Lakeland colleagues up and down the country so they could share with you their wonderful Lakeland stories. This week we are talking to Rae from our Melville store…


Who are you?


What do you do at Lakeland?

Retail Colleague

How long have you been part of the Lakeland story?

Since March 2013

We often say that we help our customer find products that “they never knew they needed, but can’t live without” – Which Lakeland product could you not live without and why?

Mine is my KitchenAid® mixer. I love it and I use it all the time.  It has pride of place in my kitchen. My special small gadget is my pineapple corer, that’s my party piece! I’ve bought loads for family and friends.

What do you love about Lakeland?

Everything! I loved it before I worked here. It’s my dream job. There’s always something new happening.

Do you have a fun Lakeland story to share?

While doing a demo for the teacake moulds, I was making marshmallows and my colleague Stuart decided to tidy up for me . He picked up the whisk and accidentally switched it on! We had meringue from one end of the demo table to the other! When he tried to switch it off he made it go faster! Luckily we all saw the funny side and the teacakes turned out well in the end!


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