Introducing the Lakeland Air Fryer…


If you love fried food – but are watching your waistline – what better way to get that authentic deep-fried taste with a lot less fat than with an air fryer? Not just a passing fad for foodies, air frying has attracted a world-wide following over the last few years so, if you’ve yet to discover the lighter way to fry your favourites, now’s the time to find out more about this ever so slightly life-changing way to fry!

What is air frying?

Redefining our perception of fried food, air frying is a cooking technique that uses Rapid Air Technology –  in other words superheated air circulated at very high speed – to ‘air fry’ food using a fraction of the fat of traditional frying methods. Regarded as a much healthier way to achieve perfectly browned, crispy results, air frying offers a safer, cleaner way to make perfect golden home-cooked chips, as well as fry succulent steaks, juicy chicken breasts and much, much more, all with the tiniest amount of oil – and for those looking to reproduce crunchy pub classics like scampi in the comfort of their own home, you can even cook from frozen with no oil at all.

How can you air fry?

As with any revolutionary cooking method, when it comes to the how, it’s all about having the right equipment in your kitchen. So when considering how to get the best and tastiest results, it follows that it’s all about choosing the best appliance for the job… and that means investing in a top-notch air fryer like our own easy-to-use Touchscreen Air Fryer.

Introducing the Lakeland Touchscreen Air Fryer…

The perfect self-contained cooking appliance for healthier frying at home, our new and exclusive Touchscreen Air Fryer delivers on all fronts, from its purse-friendly price tag and easy-on-the eye sleek design to its exceptional performance, unrivalled safety credentials and reassuring 3 year guarantee – just keep reading to find out for yourself exactly what sets it apart from the rest!

Get ready for guilt-free fry days!

There’s nothing quite as tempting as a portion of crisp, golden home-made chips, but all the oil used in traditional chip fryers might have meant they were previously off the menu… Lucky for you then our clever Touchscreen Air Fryer lets you have your chips and eat them! Using just one teaspoon of oil to cook up to 500g of chips, it circulates hot air from all directions to cook food evenly for much lighter, perfectly ‘fried’ chips, meat, fish, poultry and seafood that’s full of flavour but with much less fat.

Versatile, quick and convenient

When it comes to frying healthier food, achieving a perfectly crunchy golden chip with a fluffy middle is the ultimate test – and we’re happy to report that our Air Fryer passes every time – but there’s so much more you can cook in this versatile fryer. Think lower fat sweet potato wedges and skinny fries; healthier fish fillets and chicken pieces; frozen foods like onion rings or scampi with no oil at all; and even sweet treats too. In fact, you can cook almost anything you would usually cook in a deep fat fryer – all without having to dunk your food in a greasy pan of oil.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 10.06.12Easy to use and clean

Featuring a digital, LED touchscreen control panel, our Air Fryer is really simple to use, and has heat settings that can be changed from 80 to 200°C to suit a huge variety of foods. The cooking guide included will help you ‘fry’ to perfection every time and, unlike traditional deep fat fryers, this electrical version is really simple to clean. There’s no messy oil to change, and any excess – not that you use much – drains into the tank below, which can be taken out and popped into the dishwasher along with the non-stick pan and frying basket. Plus there’s less odour than with a traditional fryer.

Auto-pause function

If you need to remove the cooking basket to check, shake or turn your food, the pause function automatically stops the cooking time when you take the basket out, then restarts when it’s back in place, ensuring food is cooked for the correct amount of time. A 60-minute countdown timer helps you keep track of progress and, once the cooking programme has finished, a beep will sound to let you know that grub’s up!

Space-saving compact footprint

Unlike some low-fat fryers we’ve seen that have a really wide base, the Lakeland Air Fryer was designed with a compact footprint that won’t swallow up all your valuable worktop space. And with a cool-touch handle and casing plus overheat protection, safety has been well considered too.


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