“I’ll never buy supermarket or branded foil again”

Mr Jean Thierry, Lakeland customer

Lakeland Strong Foil
30% thicker than most other brands

Lakeland Strong Foil is one of our most famous, best-loved products. Scroll through the customer reviews on our website and you’ll see no end of five-star ratings: “Best foil I’ve ever used…” “No other brand compares…” “The strongest foil around…” You might even say it’s become a bit of a legend in its own lunchtime.

So what’s the secret? What makes Lakeland foil so superior? Why do so many people tell us, once they try ours, they’d never buy foil anywhere else? Could it be our insistence on using 99.9% pure aluminium? Or our relentless pursuit of a perfectly smooth finish, free from the tiniest defect? Or is it simply that we stop short of rolling our foil thinner than 18 microns, whereas most extra-strong foil ranges from 11 to 16 microns?

Easier, more versatile, more economical
What’s so great about thicker foil? Well, you can use it with confidence for freezing, lining, wrapping, cooking… even fancy dress costumes! Unlike thin foil, it cuts cleanly and doesn’t tear off at annoying angles or rip as you wrap. So you use less and it lasts longer.

Wrapmaster – The Ultimate Foil Dispenser
Another Lakeland product with a huge fan club. Easy and safe to use, thanks to a concealed cutting blade. Just pull out what you need, press the lid down and release. Great for foil and our strong cling film, it fits in a drawer or can be wall-mounted.

The perfect partner to Lakeland Foil
“One handed wrap dispensing… brilliant. That impressed I bought one for foil and another two for a Christmas gift”
Jackie Gibson, Lakeland Customer

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