How well do you know your kitchen?

When it comes to kitchenware and recipe trends you might not be afraid to be adventurous and try new things but our recent research suggests that certain kitchen gadgets and ingredients have us a little confused, not just with how to incorporate them into our cooking, but even with how to pronounce them!

To find out just how many people struggle with the pronunciation of certain words, we surveyed the nation, asking people to choose the correct way to pronounce some of the more confusing kitchen and food related words. It turns out we might all not be quite as clued up as we think we are.

In a bid to find out more about our knowledge – or lack of – when it comes to all things kitchen-related, we took to the streets of Windermere to ask the locals what they thought certain utensils were used for, and how they would pronounce them, and got some hilarious results…

One of the more confusing items proved to be a trivet – a silicone tray that protects surfaces from heat damage – with people calling it a dartboard and a tea strainer, whilst a huller created merriment too – a small steel tool used to remove the stems from strawberries, but some people mistook this item for a tea bag squeezer or a pair of tongs!

Our research indicates that the general public might need to brush up on their food and kitchenware knowledge, despite their love of cooking and food.

Find out how much of a kitchen enthusiast you really are and test your knowledge with our fun quiz below.

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