Home-made yoghurt – it’s not just for breakfast

Breakfast, elevenses, afternoon snack or dessert; on its own with fruit or honey, or made into a delicious dip – home-made yoghurt really is the treat that’s hard to beat. Packed with good bacteria and high in protein and calcium, it’s the perfect addition to a healthy diet and endlessly versatile.

Why is home-made better?

Shop-bought yoghurt can be full of sweeteners, additives and preservatives – but if you make your own, you have full control over the ingredients you use, resulting in better-quality yoghurt that’s better for you too. Not to mention the satisfaction of having made it yourself. And if you have a yoghurt machine, it really couldn’t be easier. For most machines, all you need is a small amount of natural yoghurt to get you started, and boiled and cooled milk (whisking the milk occasionally makes for a thicker result). Just whisk the cooled milk and yoghurt together, pop them in your machine and it will do the rest. (Will add links in once we are selling again. I will add in Easiyo too.

What’s your flavour?

Well, the possibilities are endless. Blitz with some fresh fruit and add some seeds for a healthy snack; stir in some honey for a quick yet delicious treat; or add some baking sprinkles, chocolate chips or nuts to add texture and taste.

Smooth operator

Blending up a fruit smoothie is a quick, easy and delicious way to help you towards your five-a-day. Adding yoghurt into the mix results in a more indulgent and filling creamy smoothie, as well as providing the nutritional benefits mentioned above. Try out this delicious Super Smoothie; with bananas, spinach, chia seeds and yoghurt, it’s the perfect pick-me-up at any time of day.


Not just a delicious and nutritious snack, home-made yoghurt makes an excellent base for dressings and dips too. Our Mint Yoghurt Dressing makes a tasty accompaniment to a lamb burger or kebab, and it’s a great way to cool down a hot curry.

Get your bake on

Did you know you can use home-made yoghurt in baking? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. It adds a tangy flavour to cakes and scones, and as the acidity of the yoghurt reacts well with baking powder, it gives your bakes a light and fluffy texture too. Result.

Like pancakes? You’ll love our Yoghurt Pancake recipe. Top with fresh berries and honey and you’ve got a delicious breakfast the whole family can enjoy – they’ll be asking for it every morning.

Chill out…

With some frozen home-made yoghurt. Now the weather is warming up, it’s the best time to make this delicious frozen treat. It’s so easy to make and, while it tastes like a naughty indulgence, it’s actually really good for you, especially when you flavour it with real fruit, like in our Quick Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt recipe.

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