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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with family, friends, cosy nights in with Christmas films, twinkly lights, mince pies, pigs in blankets… so much to look forward to! But anyone who has ever hosted Christmas knows just how much work goes into preparing your home for the festive season, so we have lots of hints and tips to help you make it as stress-free as possible. 

Clear the clutter

The last thing you need when preparing for Christmas is all your usual household clutter getting in the way – you want it nice and clear before festooning with your festive decorations. If you don’t need it, then get rid. Of course, you can’t just get rid of everything, so clever storage solutions are the way forward – if it survives the cull, pop it away neatly into a storage box or drawer.

It’s also a great opportunity to help you get organised, seeing what you already have and what you need to buy because, let’s face it, most of us at some point have bought Christmas cards and wrapping paper, only to find we already had a stash from last year.  Or you find the pair of slippers you bought in the sales that were perfect for your mum, only after Christmas… Think of the money you could save with a bit of organisation and decluttering beforehand!

Kitchen checklist

Have a good sort out of your kitchen cupboards too, replenishing herbs and spices that are running low, chucking out anything that’s out of date, and checking that all essential kitchen kit is in working order – you don’t want to be making stressful last-minute dashes to the shop just before Christmas! Are your knives sharp enough? Do you need a new set, or do they just need a good sharpening? Is the non-stick on your pans and roasting tins still good enough? Now’s the perfect time to update your kitchen kit to avoid any unnecessary stress on the big day itself.

Kitchen Cleaning

Clever cleaning

Christmas is a time for merriment, fun and games and quality time with your family – the last thing you want is to spend all of your time cleaning. Get your home in tip-top shape with a deep clean before the festive season commences, and use our clever products to keep cleaning to a minimum afterwards.

Your oven gets a lot of use at this time of year, so you don’t want to be scrubbing it every few minutes – and with our range of liners, you won’t have to scrub it at all! Use a good oven cleaner to make sure it’s squeaky clean to begin with, and then line the base of your oven with our bestselling Magic Oven Liner. The liner can easily be removed and rinsed under the tap – a quick wipe will have it spotlessly clean and ready to be popped back into the oven. “What about the hob?” you ask. Well, worry not, we have a liner for that too. Our Induction Hob Liner will protect your hob from scratches, and it’s quick and easy to clean, too.

To keep your shower spotless, pop a bottle of Clean Shower in the bathroom for everyone to spritz the shower area with once they’re done.  There’s no need to wipe – just spray and walk away. Having a spray mop at hand is ideal for quick clean-ups in the kitchen (and anywhere else you have hard floors), eliminating the need to lug out a heavy mop bucket every time muddy footprints are trailed in.

And with all the extra food and drink flying around (sometimes literally) during the festive season, it’s wise to have a reliable stain remover on hand. Wine No More! has saved many a carpet from dreaded red wine spillages! We’ve all been there…

Deck the halls

Christmas Wreath

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is decorating your home with the family. We all have our different traditions, whether it’s the angel made by a family member that has to go at the top of the tree (no matter how tatty it has become), or a special bauble that’s been passed down through generations. And let’s not forget the age-old debate of colourful lights v. white lights!

It’s nice to add a few new signature pieces each year to freshen up your collection, and Christmas wreaths are the perfect way to add a classic Christmassy touch to your home, whether you attach them to doors or a wall, with our LED Festive Foliage Wreath Hoop Decoration adding a nice contemporary twist to the classic design. Draping a garland or lights, like our Vintage Christmas Bauble Light String, across your mantelpiece or a sideboard is a quick and easy way to add lovely festive charm to your room too.

Be your guest

Have you ever spent the night in your guest bedroom? There’s no better way to know your room is guest-ready than to stay in it yourself. Turn it into a treat night. Put your cosiest PJs on, make a hot chocolate with all the trimmings, pick a good book/film and relax… Then think, what would have made my night more comfortable? Was the room warm enough? Was the bed comfortable? Did the room feel welcoming?

Our range of luxurious heated throws are just the ticket for making beds extra cosy, and they add a touch of glamour too. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find one that complements your room. Or, to really help your guests relax, a weighted blanket will not only keep them snug and warm, but by applying a gentle, evenly distributed, soothing pressure on the body (just like a hug!), they can help induce a feeling of calm and aid a restful night’s sleep – better still, you can use it yourself once they’re gone. To make the room feel more welcoming and relaxing, you could add some scented candles to the room to give it a warming glow and pleasant aroma. If you’re uncomfortable with having candles in your room, Beurer’s Aroma Diffuser is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, sending out soothing scents and bathing your room in soft light in a choice of 10 subtle shades, instantly transforming your spare room into a relaxing haven for guests (and for you the rest of the time).

Now all that’s left to do is relax and have a very merry Christmas – you deserve it.

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