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If the New Year is all about good intentions then February and March are often when they start to fade away, who wants to eat salad on a grey February day? Come Easter, when it’s practically the law to eat chocolate and tuck in to a roast dinner, all that ‘New Year New You’ zeal has usually been left behind somewhere in the depths of dry January.

We know healthy eating is good for us but how can we make it part of an ordinary, everyday lifestyle, and keep it going throughout the year? With a bit of help from Lakeland and some little tweaks rather than massive changes, it’s easy to stay on the right track for good.


Simple Swaps
It’s all about making a few simple changes. There’s no need to empty your kitchen cupboards, find the nearest organic supermarket and spend a fortune. We recently teamed up with Davina McCall, a genuinely busy mum, who suggests that just a few tweaks, like swapping refined sugars for healthier alternatives such as agave nectar, honey, or maple syrup, will give you naturally good and still tasty food. These aren’t rare or expensive ingredients either which makes them good for your health and your bank balance.

The rest of it is just about using your everyday fruit and veg in new and exciting ways. Eating better can be fun, easy and, most importantly, tasty. Spiralized fruit and vegetables in tarts, muffins and burgers. Smoothies blended with home-made yoghurt, fresh fruit and nutrient-rich seeds. Davina’s Shepherd’s Pie replaces the traditional mash with sweet potato mixed with a dollop of crème fraiche for a tasty and more nutritious alternative.  With a little bit of clever ingredient swapping it’s even possible to make cakes, puddings and ice cream with (whisper it) a healthier twist.

Food DIY
The best way to keep on top of what’s in your food is to make it from scratch. You’re sure to feel a real sense of satisfaction as you tuck into delicious home-made food, you’ll know what you’re eating and it tastes so much better too. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming either. We’ve got a great range of healthy eating recipes and some fantastic products to make your resolution a reality and help you get that glow.


Here a few recipes to get you started (or back on it as the case may be…).

r80960_1 (1)Microwave Chicken Noodle Bowl 

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Nice and spicy and ready in no tim! 

Made using the Lékué Shallow Microwave Steam Case





Black Bean and Rice Salad in a jar

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Prep ahead for a healthier happier lunch

Made in a 500ml Screw Top Kilner® Jar





Raw Avocado and Lime Cheesecake 

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A novel way to get one of your 5-a-day. 

Made using 4 Ball Quilted Crystal Jam Jars





Tropical Smoothie Bowl 

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A wonderful way to wake up your taste buds! 

Made using a Blender




Find more inspiration and recipes at https://www.lakeland.co.uk/info/healthy-eating

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