We’re going on an egg hunt!

There’s nothing like the lure of chocolate to tear little ones away from tablets and the TV and head outdoors in search of hidden goodies. Easy to organise and always the most memorable part of Easter for any child, it’s a really fun way to hone their foraging skills and get the whole family involved in a lovely Easter tradition. Whether the treasure you hide is foil-wrapped and of the chocolate variety* or painted eggs with the promise of a chocolate prize at the end, you’ll be amazed at how focussed youngsters can be in their bid to find the most munchies.

When it comes to hosting your own egg hunt, it’s completely up to you how much or how little freedom you give your intrepid egg hunters, but before you let them loose in your garden, you might want to lay down just a few ground rules to save any tears and preserve your borders from wayward feet!

If you’re happy with a more relaxed approach and have lots of children taking part, keep things fair by agreeing up front that all the spoils will be shared out equally at the end so everyone can share in the fun and no-one misses out. Where there’s a real spread of ages, encourage older children to act as spotters, helping younger ones to fill their buckets or basket without losing out to more enthusiastic and confident egg hunters.

Depending on the size of your garden, you may find it helpful to use simple clues to steer the proceedings along and keep everyone on course – just make sure that all your clues are made in advance, numbered correctly and planted in the garden well ahead of your guests arriving! You can be as creative as you like when it comes to what you put into each clue, but keep them nice and easy to follow or you’re likely to find younger children straying off the path or some eager egg hunters racing ahead and missing clues out.

How many clues and hiding places you need will completely depend on how long you want the hunt to last, but once all the treats have been found and divvied up, be prepared to reward your hunters for all their efforts with a bit of instant Easter indulgence. Even the most well-behaved children will be itching to tuck into their hard-won chocolate hoard, so give them a handful of goodies to eat then and there, and pop the rest in a bag or basket for them to take home and devour at their leisure!

*Don’t forget the pets – if you’re planning to hold your own Easter egg hunt with chocolate treats, keep pets out of the garden until the fun is done and all the chocolate has been safely collected!

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