Davina for Lakeland

Davina for Lakeland rs2We’re huge fans of Davina here at Lakeland and – we’re delighted to say – the feeling is mutual! A keen home cook and long-time Lakeland fan, Davina is just as passionate as we are about good food and healthy eating, and it’s this shared enthusiasm that has led to her teaming up with us to design an exclusive range of kitchen prep products.

Davina approached us about designing a range together, and we were delighted to work so closely with this busy mum of three and role model. We worked carefully together and went to great lengths to design products that really work and fit seamlessly into our busy lifestyles – like us, she’s no fan of unnecessary gadgets or costly, complicated contraptions that just end up cluttering the kitchen. Having the right tools for the job is key to successfully preparing healthy, tasty meals for all the family, and every product in this new range has been developed with this in mind. In addition to being well thought out, every piece in the collection looks the part, in a fresh design with bright splashes of colour, is of the highest quality and, more importantly, is competitively priced.

“I wanted to make sure that we had great quality products at a really good price and we’ve done exactly that”




Take a look at Davina’s range here

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