Curry night made easy

A fiery (or not so fiery, for those with more sensitive taste buds) home-made aromatic curry; a selection of tasty sides to share; a cold beer, perhaps; and a gathering of your favourite people. If that’s not the recipe for a perfect evening, then we don’t know what is.

Imagine a chicken korma, simmered to mouth-watering deliciousness, spooned over perfectly cooked fluffy rice. How about vegetarian tandoori masala for those who don’t eat meat – and those who do? Or a creamy Thai red chicken curry (like the one in the picture above) cooked in the versatile Cuisinart Cook In, but just as good in our 3.5 Litre Slow Cooker – you can find the crowd-pleasing recipe here. And there’s lots more spicy inspiration to fire your imagination here.

Spice it up

“But how do I make my home-made curries taste as good as the ones in my local Indian restaurant?” Good question. Well, with the help of this Spice Pots Curry Night Kit for a start. Inside you’ll find four tantalising tins of perfectly blended authentic spice mixes – Korma, Bhuna, Goan and Tandoori Masala – enough to make eight mid-week family meals or dinner party get-togethers from the included recipe booklet, including chicken tikka masala and lamb bhuna.

Curry Night Kit

All you have to do is:

  1. Chop and fry onions, garlic and ginger until softened.
  2. Add a couple of teaspoons per person of your chosen spice pot, along with tomatoes, stock or coconut milk.
  3. Throw in your meat, fish or veg and cook to your liking.
  4. Dish up and devour with rice, poppadoms, bhajis, pakoras… pass the lime pickle.

Rice and easy

So now you’ve decided on your main course, you need to think about the rice. You could make your rice in a pan, but it’s all too easy to end up with a mushy mound of white slop or a pan-ruining burnt-bottomed mess. Instead, take away the guesswork (and crushing disappointment) by using a made-for-the-job rice cooker – like the Lakeland Digital Rice Cooker. It turns out fluffy perfection every time – and without you having to watch over it or crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Side hustle

An Indian feast isn’t complete without one or two side dishes or starters, and you can’t get much more classic than a gently spiced, belly-warming samosa. Our simple recipe for vegetable samosas can be made in advance and stored in your freezer until curry night comes around.

Or perhaps a mini pakora or three will do the business? It’s so simple to whip up a batch in our Silicone Cake Pop Mould. These bite-sized treats will keep hunger pains at bay until the main event. You can find the recipe here.

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