When it comes to a thoughtful gift to celebrate somebody’s special day, you could go for a classic gift – a bunch of their favourite flowers, maybe, or a deliciously decadent cake. But if you know your way around a mixing bowl and an icing nozzle, here’s a lovely way to show you care and display some decorative flair – a bouquet of flower-effect iced cupcakes, prettily presented atop a treat-filled jar.

Flowers? Tick. Cake? Tick. Personal touch? Sorted!

Once you’ve made your tasty bakes, it’s time to pipe, ice and decorate your way to posy perfection. Swirly-whirly roses; sprays of carnations or peonies; sunflowers, daisies and tulips… there are all kinds of arrangements you can put together to really showcase your flower-topped fairy cakes. There’s a lot of different kit you can use to get the look too, but here are our favourites:

  • Fondant rosebuds, frilly-edged carnations and blowsy-bloomed peonies – try easy flower cutters
  • Daisies, sunflowers and tulips – our Russian Icing Nozzle Set creates a host of floral and foliage effects; just choose your nozzle and get piping.

You’ve made your bakes, decorated them to fantastic floral effect – now you need to turn them into a beautiful bouquet. That’s where our Cupcake Bouquet Holder comes in. Sitting pretty on top of most screw-top Mason jars or jam jars, it has space for seven little bakes, all clustered together so the decorations on top can create a fantastic floral effect. You can even rotate the individual cupcake holders to position your bakes to best effect.

It’s mostly about your cupcake flower arrangement, but because the holder slots into Mason jars of all shapes and sizes, you can also use this bottom tier to complement the blooms above. If you’re planning to gift your cupcake bouquet, you can always add another layer of sweet treats – how about chocolates as ‘soil’ for your blooms to grow in? – or any little present that fits inside. If it’s destined for a table centrepiece, add an LED light string for a lovely twinkly touch, and enjoy the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as your guests spot your sweet showpiece.

Inspiration for every occasion
Once we started thinking about the possibilities, ideas came thick and fast… here are just some of the ones we came up with for double-decker delights to give as gifts, serve to guests, add a little festive fun and brighten up kids’ parties.

Gifts with flower power!

Afternoon tea – Mix cocktails with cupcakes to make a bunch of boozy bakes, and serve with a selection of grown-up gummies beneath.

Birthdays – Bake a bouquet of their favourite blooms, then fill the base with a little extra-special something, beautifully wrapped in celebration of their big day. Maybe jewellery? Just a thought…

Mother’s Day – Gift a celebratory spray of roses, sitting atop a selection of handmade chocs – you’ll find step-by-step instructions for floral success here.

Hosts with the most

Weddings – Take the cake to their table with pretty centrepieces in a range of tonal or contrasting colours and suit-everyone flavours, and fill the jars with string lights or confetti for a celebratory finish.

Baby showers – Peony pink or forget-me-not blue blooms – or yellow chrysanthemums if you’re hedging your baby bets! – with foil-wrapped sweets or chocolates to match.

Dinner parties – Recreate the ambassador’s reception with gold lustre-dusted cupcakes in brown cases, and layers of deluxe after-dinner chocolates inside.

Festive fun

Whatever the time of year, there’s always a good reason to serve a bouquet of bakes – just decorate to fit the theme.

Valentine’s Day – It’s got to be red rose cupcakes, blooming above a jar brimming with heart-shaped chocs.

Easter – Swap cupcakes for that Easter classic – chocolate cornflake nests filled with little chocolate eggs and little fluffy chicks – or go for full-on flour power with this blooming bouquet of roses, tulips and daisies. And to fill the jar, mini chocolate eggs – what else?!


Halloween – Pumpkin cupcakes complete with stalks, sitting above a cornucopia of candy… or go creepy-crawly with ghost-face fairy cakes and a spooky spider-stuffed jar. 

Christmas – Not everyone’s a fan of the traditional pud, and a septet of bright red poinsettias in green cases, with a string of LED lights underneath, will make a lovely festive finish to Christmas dinner. Or how about a snow globe, with an icing sugar-sprinkled snowman bake inside and pillowy snow-cloud cupcakes above?

Themed cakes and party bakes

They’re perfect for kids’ parties and there are loads of fun baking trends around, from magical unicorns to mythical mermaids – not forgetting all your little ones’ favourite characters and critters for their birthday bash.

Unicorn magic – Fantastical fairy cakes with glittery manes and golden horns, with rainbow sweets in the jar to suck on once the cakes have been devoured.

Under the sea – Mermaid or sea anemone cupcakes on the top, and inside the jar, madeleine ‘clams’ on a drift of digestive biscuit sand.

Dine on dinosaurs! – Craft a clutch of dino eggs on top, cracking open to reveal the sugarcraft beasts within – plus a few toy ‘saurs inside the jar to swell their collection.

Inspired? Keep watching this space – we’ll be adding more bouquets both bright and beautiful as we come up with new ideas!

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