Covermate® Food Covers: multipurpose marvels

We sell our fair share of products that do more than one thing, but these little ‘shower caps’ for food really do a lot: protect your alfresco feasts from attack by not-so-timorous wee beasties; help you cut down on plastic waste; deliver splatter-free microwaving; keep food fresh in the fridge; cover things that cling film just won’t stick to… here’s four of the fabbest things that Covermate® Food Covers help you do.

1. Serve bug-free food outdoors
We’re huge fans of alfresco feasting once summer rolls around and are firm believers that food tastes better outdoors. Unless, of course, your burgers are garnished with flies, your pastries have been colonised by ants… or you’ve just raised a refreshing glass of something sweet and summery to your lips and encountered a sugar-drunk wasp.

Covermate’s elasticated edges help them stretch to fit over all sizes and shapes of containers to keep irritating insects in their place (i.e. away from your food). And they’re helpfully colour-coded so you can always find the size you want – from the little blue ones, which are perfect for covering cups and glasses to keep buzzing bugs at bay, to the yellow extra-largest, which will comfortably cover our generously proportioned Lemon Grove Salad Bowl.

Prep ahead, stretch the right size over your offerings, stash anything you need to keep cool in the fridge and then transfer to your table, ready to remove the covers once your guests arrive. Ta dah! – and not an ant in sight.

2. Reduce plastic waste
The Blue Planet effect has really raised awareness about the devastating effect of plastic pollution in our oceans. There are lots of little things we can all do to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce – and using Covermate® Food Covers is one of them.  Because while they are made of plastic, they’re also fully reusable and can be washed, dried and used again and again and again – making them a much better alternative to use-once-and-throw-away products that do the same thing. Check out our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle blog for more ways to reduce your plastic footprint.

3. Microwave without the splatters
Little venting holes around the edges make these food covers ideal for splatter-free microwave cooking, defrosting and steaming. Cling film does the same job, but it doesn’t snap into place for an instant fit the way Covermate does; it doesn’t hold fast on everything; and nor do solid splatter shields always stay put on top of bowls and plates the way Covermate does.

Stay-put splatter prevention

4. Cover things that cling film won’t stick to, like…
Plates of leftovers? If you’re lucky. 

Peel-top punnets of berries? Nope. 

It’s called ‘cling’ film for a reason, but you could be forgiven for wondering why when you’re trying to get it to stick to either of the above. Covermate covers and clings in a quick-fit flash: for its frustration-busting properties alone, we’re totally sold!

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