20 Fast Cleaning Fixes

We may all aspire to a clean and tidy home, but in reality few of us have the time or inclination to really achieve it. With life getting busier and many of us having less downtime than ever before, how we chose to spend our precious leisure time has become more important.  Juggling a hectic schedule of work, cooking, laundry, family, and trying to keep healthy and fit in mind and body can leave very little time for the less appealing tasks, such as cleaning.

We all like to spout the mantra of working smarter, not harder, so now it’s time our homes got the same treatment. Whilst we can’t come and clean for you, we have pooled together our collective knowledge to give you some handy tips for making lighter work of cleaning your house.

  1. Spot-clean wherever possible, don’t clean everything unless you have to.
  2. Ventilate all rooms well, especially the bathroom and kitchen to prevent trapped moisture encouraging mould and mildew.
  3. Have squeegee in your shower to wipe off excess water and excess soap after each use  and give showers a daily squirt of Clean Shower after showering to prevent product build up and growth of mould and mildew.
  4. Put down the toilet lid before flushing to limit spread of bacteria and bleach your toilet on a regular basis 
  5. Keep a bathroom cleaner in the bathroom and wipe round sink bowl every few days to prevent toothpaste and soap build up. 
  6. Put an overnight drain cleaner down your plugholes on a regular basis to prevent blockages and keep your drains clear of build up 
  7. Put a mat at each entrance to your home to stop dirt getting walked into your house.
  8. Have a ‘no shoes to be worn inside’ rule. Wear slippers in the house and store outdoor shoes in shoe racks near the door 
  9. Use splatter guards when cooking to prevent food splashes
  10. When you come to do the washing up after a meal, wipe over your cooker hob with a damp cloth to prevent any food spills becoming too stubborn to shift. 
  11. Dry up your dishes after washing them and empty the dishwasher straight away to stop build up of dirty dishes in the sink.
  12. Use a reusable cover over food when microwaving to prevent mess in your microwave.
  13. Have a dustpan and brush handy to sweep up any crumbs made during the making or eating of as meal to prevent build up of food-related dirt on the floor
  14. Try to make every trip count: if you are moving between rooms tidy as you go and take items back to the room they belong in; if items need to go upstairs, create a tidy pile by the stairs and take them up the next time you need to go upstairs. 
  15. Keep on top of your ironing by doing a little bit at a time. It’s far less daunting to do regular small amounts than to end up with a mountain of ironing at the end of the week.
  16. Have dedicated recycling bins and a compost bin to try and keep your bin from filling with things that could go to landfill. Responsible waste management doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you are organised.
  17. Use lidded storage boxes to store toys. It will save on dusting and make it easier to find a home for all the toys at the end of the day. Label the boxes and encourage children to tidy up after themselves.
  18. Have dedicated files or folders for paperwork and deal with the post and any bills or invoices as they arrive. Sort as you go to avoid backlog of paperwork and recycle junk mail. Invest in a paper shredder so that you can recycle any non-essential paperwork.
  19. Give each person in your house some small, but helpful jobs to do. Dividing up the chores will get them done quicker. A rota could be added to the family pin board or calendar to make it clear which tasks each family member needs to help with.
  20. Put pet food bowls on a mat to protect your floor from messy eating and make it easy to collect any stray bits of food.

Like most things in life, prevention is often the cure and unfortunately cleaning is no different. Changing your everyday routine to incorporate doing a little and often will save you time in the long run because there won’t be the same build-up of dirt and mess!

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