INSPIRED BY YOU: Lakeland Citrus Press

Lakeland Vintage Style Citrus PressWe’ve recreated the design of our vintage-style citrus juicer from originals that date back to the 1930s. Its elegant curves are easy on the eye and just a light press on the large ergonomic handle is all it needs to get every bit of juice from fresh citrus fruit straight into your glass with very little effort.
There’s a removable grid to catch all the pips so they don’t get into your healthy breakfast refreshment or cooling juice on a hot summer afternoon.
It’s suitable for use with lemons, limes, oranges and even grapefruits. Simply cut them in half, add to the citrus press and press on the handle. We think it’s a great way to make children keen on drinking ‘proper’ fruit juice, since we’re sure they’ll be clamouring to squeeze their own.

We love a bit of a story, so when it came to launching our Lakeland Vintage Style Citrus Press, we thought we’d tell you how it came to be…

A customer requests

Some time ago, Jenny Parnwell, a long-time Lakeland customer from Cornwall, wrote us a letter describing a vintage juicer she used in her kitchen, wondering if we could bring it back. Jenny said her original juicer had been in the family since at least the 1950s – if not earlier – and that she had long ago ‘appropriated’ it from her mum, who it had first belonged to. Still in regular use for squeezing all the goodness out of oranges at marmalade time, and for juicing limes for her lime and rum ice cream, the dutiful press had given almost seven decades of reliable service and was still in fine fettle, so Jenny was certain other Lakeland customers would love one too…

After receiving the letter, Wendy Lakeland’s Customer Ambassador, excitedly contacted Jenny. Wendy said, “I knew it was precious, but I asked if we could borrow it, with a promise it would be treated with TLC.” Jenny did us a great big favour, and was more than happy to help us out. “I wouldn’t have parted with it for just anybody, but since it was Lakeland… Over the years I’ve spotted other products in the catalogue that have been developed from things people found in their mum’s or nan’s kitchens, and I thought this juice press deserved the same.” We couldn’t have agreed more!

Put to the test

After getting our hands on Jenny’s juicer, it was put to the test and we were amazed at how easy it was to use. Jenny told us that she’d tried various other juicers and reamers over the years, but that she always came back to her trusty press:
“With the downward pressure of this press you get so much more juice from your fruit and there’s no difficult pressing or twisting like there is with a reamer.”

We carefully packed and returned Jenny’s press to her, and then our Buying Team took to designing a juicer to pay homage to it…

Getting it right

We had to do the original justice and make sure it worked perfectly. We set to work recreating the design from scratch, going through lots of different finishes before we were happy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 16.42.49

A perfect finish

We looked at every detail, even down to the way the aluminium is tumbled with rubber pellets to get just the right colour and patina – and the result is a thing of beauty. Its vintage style makes something of a statement in the kitchen, and we hope our model will be passed down through the generations, just like Jenny’s has been.

All in the family

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.56.41While we were chatting to Jenny on the phone, her brother popped in for a coffee. She explained she was ‘on the phone to Lakeland’ who are bringing ‘this’ back… Jenny had pointed to the press and her brother (now the designated marmalade maker of the family) was really pleased. Perhaps now he’ll get his very own and they won’t have to share any more?

We’re so grateful to Jenny for getting in touch with us – and we’d like to sincerely thank her for trusting Lakeland to introduce this fantastic juice press to a new generation. Jenny has shopped with us since the 70s and even remembers the Rayner brothers – Sam, Martin and Julian – working on the Lakeland stand at the Royal Cornwall Show. Now she’s done us the honour of letting us bring the juice press back to life, she’s practically part of the Lakeland family!

We absolutely love to hear about all the fantastic gizmos and gadgets that our customers find hidden away in cupboards, and – as much as we love exciting new technology in the kitchen – sometimes, the old way really is best.

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