Can’t Live Without : Wrapmaster

What would we do without cling film and foil in our kitchens? Whether you use your cling film to wrap sandwiches for a lunch bag, or cover leftovers to be stored in the freezer or reheated in the microwave, there’s no denying that it’s really handy stuff… but it can’t half be frustrating too! Unless you’ve got the rare knack of being able to pull a length of cling film from its box and get it wrapped around food without it scrunching up, you’ve no doubt ended up throwing countless balls of wasted, scrunched-up cling in the bin… So it’s no wonder that our frustration-saving Wrapmaster Foil & Clingfilm Dispenser is a treasured tool in many a Lakeland customer’s kitchen.

There’s absolutely no faffing about and no waste – you just pull your cling, press down to cut then release what you need with no tangles or tears… and heave a huge sigh of relief at having just ended the fight with the film. Although dispensing kitchen foil isn’t quite as bothersome, the Wrapmaster Dispenser is brilliant for that too – meaning no more wrapping your sarnies in oddly-shaped pieces of foil with torn, ragged edges.

Safe and simple to use, the Wrapmaster Dispenser has a huge fan club, with hundreds of fantastic reviews on our website. Ali Burrow-Smith from Rutland is one such fan, and kindly left us a review about the Wrapmaster. “Where have you been all my life? This is one of those great gadgets that leave you regretting all the wasted hours wrestling with the edge of cling film and trying to find a piece wide enough to cover what you need it to! So straightforward to use and refill. No wasted film either! I love it and so have another for foil. No regrets.” Since Ali loves it so much she has two on the go, we got in touch to ask if she’d tell us a little more…

“The Wrapmaster is a brilliant find.  As you know, I have one for foil and another for cling film. I am particularly pleased about the cling film Wrapmaster as it is goodbye to those endless struggles searching for the edge only to pull it off at an angle and waste a great deal in the process. Not to mention the frustration! Now I happily use the cling film from a wipe clean container that fits neatly in my kitchen drawer. I tend to use it for covering leftovers mainly. Nil wastage now! The foil didn’t hold the same frustrations, but the wipe clean aspect and general neatness in the drawer is a big plus. I tend to use the foil to line the grill pan or baking tray, or cover meat roasting in the oven.” Our customers love to hear from other shoppers that things do actually work as promised, so we asked Ali if she’d mind us using her review, and were so grateful when she agreed!

Ali told us, “I can’t remember how long I have shopped with Lakeland for! I am aware of it always being in the background somewhere certainly, my mother always used it for plastic bags and closures, freezer things and the like.  That memory is from when it was “Lakeland Plastics” and it was still called that when I started my life as a “grown-up” and a customer in my own right! I am happy to say my own grown-up daughter also shops with you now, with my younger daughter (16) showing healthy signs of following in the tradition as well.”

We love to hear that customers have chosen to shop with us for so long, and always keep them at the heart of everything we do. As well as finding amazing, problem-solving products like the Wrapmaster, we like to offer a warm welcome in our stores, and the same friendly service over the phone. Ali said. “I have always found Lakeland staff to be approachable, especially when I have had occasion to ring customer services. They are very friendly and I have never felt a nuisance, quite the opposite in fact. I don’t have a Lakeland store in my local town, but I shop on-line generally anyway so that isn’t a problem for me. It is my “go to place” for all things kitchen and storage. Whether a large item like a floor steamer or that really useful red Gripping Stuff tape that you stick on the wall to hold Christmas cards.”

We hope Ali will continue to shop with us for many years to come, and that her daughters will be just as pleased with our products and service too.

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