Can’t Live Without : Wilton Colour Right System

When you’ve lovingly baked a home-made cake for a special occasion, you want to be sure that the icing doesn’t let you down. Whether you’re covering a Christening cake in soft pastel pinks or decorating a birthday bake with vibrant reds, yellows, greens and any other colour you can think of, the shades have to be perfect to achieve the desired result.

So many colourings give wishy-washy, patchy results, meaning you have to add loads of colouring that can change the consistency of your icing, but Wilton have come to the rescue with their Colour Right Food Colouring System. Using only a tiny amount – meaning no more runny icing – it’s incredibly easy to get bold, vibrant and even colours. Hurrah! They even come with a colour chart to help you combine shades for a rainbow of colours.

Our home-baking customers have been telling us they won’t use anything else now they’ve tried it, as nothing else compares. As well as those who bake only occasionally, we know many of our customers take baking very seriously (we’ve seen the photos to prove it!), and some even rely on the Wilton Colour Right colourings for their professional bakes.

One of our lovely customers, Francesca Pierson, who bakes cakes professionally, kindly left the following review on our website about her favourite icing colours: “Having used many different gel colours in my small cake business, these are definitely the best I’ve used! The colours are so vibrant and easily colour buttercream, cake mix, fondant or flower paste.”

We know our customers love to read through the reviews before deciding to take the plunge and buy something new, and we thought an endorsement from someone with a small cake business would be really reassuring. We spoke to Francesca who – as well as running her cake business from home – is a busy mum to a 3-year old, 5-year old and a 2-week old. We were so grateful that she made time to talk to us when she’s so busy at the moment…

“I started my baking business, The Pierson Cake Company, 2 years ago, making birthday cakes, wedding cakes etc. Before finding the Colour Right System I’d tried using all kinds of colours, but they weren’t always very good. The Wilton colours have been wonderful! Everyone comments on how vivid the colours are when they see my cakes. And you need so little to get a fab colour – one tiny drop makes a really big difference, so the bottles last for ages. I see a big difference when I look back at photos of cakes I made before I had the Colour Right System. My more recent cakes are so much brighter!”

Francesca’s nearest Lakeland store is in Canterbury, where she’s been a customer ever since it opened, but she mainly shops via our website. “It’s so nice to read other people’s reviews – I find them really helpful.” We couldn’t agree more, so we were really happy that Francesca agreed to let us use her review in our stores.

We always love to know what you think, so please do visit our website and leave your reviews – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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