Can’t Live Without : Lakeland Roasting Tins

It goes without saying, but when you’re cooking a huge roast, you want roasting tins that you can rely on. If you’ve spent good money on your meat, you don’t want to find half of it stuck to the tin after cooking, and you could do without the worry a flimsy tin brings when you’re moving it from oven to worktop. Reassuringly solid with a professional non-stick coating, our Lakeland Roasting Tins are the only ones you’ll ever need in your cupboard.

We spent two years obsessing over the design of our Lakeland Ovenware Range to make it the very best it can be. Made from thick carbon steel with a double layer of non-stick for incredible food release and effortless washing up, these are professional quality pieces for the home kitchen. We knew we’d achieved what we set out to do when our customers’ reviews told us they approved – like Susan Smith, a long-time Lakeland customer from Salcombe, who said the roasting tins were “The best yet!”.

Susan reviewed our roasting tin online, and said, “This is a superb roasting tin – best yet… absolutely brilliant and so well thought out. The pouring spout is such a simple innovation and yet makes life so much easier. Well done Lakeland. Once again you have come up trumps.”

Great roasts start with great equipment, and while we love the heavy-duty construction, what really sets these tins apart are all the clever extra features – like the handy fat-pouring spout that Susan approved of, silicone grips for safe handling and no rolled edges that could gather water and go rusty. When we called her for a chat, Susan had lots of fab things to say about them. “I bought two, and they’re absolutely fantastic. So many people promise their tins won’t stick, but they eventually give up – your tins never do. There are just the two of us at home, but we use the tins every week when we look after our two granddaughters – we cook potatoes and sticky sausages, and the non-stick never disappoints. We have great big family gatherings when everyone comes round for a post-Christmas meal or Easter roast – hence why we bought two tins – and we go into ‘factory mode’ then. My eldest son and I work really well in the kitchen together, and we absolutely love these tins. I’ve had others in the past that started out well but ended up in the bin after a few months, but the non-stick on these is just brilliant.”

We’re so glad to hear that Susan’s roasting tins are standing the test of time as intended. Susan has shopped with us for many years, and it’s because of reliable products like this, and our dedication to our customers, that Susan – and other customers like her – keep shopping with us time and again.

“You’re an incredible company. It really shows that you’re a family company, too – it’s lovely. And you’re so helpful! I have a Mini Oven from you that I swear by, as well as the Remoska. My husband and I share the cooking, and the Remoska is an absolute standby. Unfortunately, the first one I had failed after a year – when I called the customer service number it was replaced without hesitation, even though it had been very well used. I tell so many people about you, and I used to laugh with a neighbour about all the Lakeland boxes that were delivered to our doors… My daughter-in-law calls me ‘Mrs Lakeland’! You’re a wonderful company, and long may it go on!”

We were so grateful to Susan for posting her review online, and even more so when she agreed we could use it in our stores! Is there a Lakeland product that you love? Our customers love to hear what their fellow shoppers think, so please keep sharing your thoughts online.

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