Can’t Live Without : Deluxe Moisturising Gloves

When it comes to recommendations, we know there’s nobody our customers trust more than their fellow Lakeland customers. We’ll regularly hear conversations on our shop floors that start with “Have you tried the…”, or “You must give this a go, it’ll change your life!”. So when we wanted to tell you just how wonderful our Deluxe Moisturising Gloves are, we thought we’d let you do the talking.

We get lots of lovely website reviews about these fantastic gloves that pamper your hands as you take on a pile of dirty pots, and we came across this one from Patricia Parker, a customer from Burnley: “I have bought the moisturising washing-up gloves many times and would recommend this product. They are a dream to wear and keep your hands lovely and soft. They are also excellent value for money.”

We called Patricia to find out just what it is about these fab dish gloves that keeps her coming back for them time and again, and why she’s so happy to tell others just how great they are. “I just absolutely love them! They feel ever so nice when you put your hands inside them, and the moisturising properties are fabulous – they keep your skin feeling really soft.” Patricia is right, our Deluxe Moisturising Gloves are a world away from any others; they don’t have that damp, clingy feeling you get with traditional rubber gloves, and they slip on really smoothly too.

Patricia told us, “I’ve tried so many other gloves, but they always end up in the bin! These are by far the best. I do a little bit of housekeeping for an older lady, and accidentally left a pair there one day. The next time I went back she couldn’t wait to find out where I’d got them from, and I was more than happy to recommend them. She has her own now – as do all of the people I’ve told about them.”

We were really pleased to hear that Patricia was still so pleased with the gloves. “I honestly love them!” In fact, she is so happy to recommend them to others that when we asked if she’d do us a huge favour by allowing us to feature her product review and photograph in our stores, she didn’t hesitate.

“I normally shop online, but a little while ago, we came up to the Lake District, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit your flagship store in Windermere. I told my husband “we really must go to Lakeland”, and I had such a lovely time looking around. Next time Patricia visits one of our stores, she might even see her review and photo in pride of place! We’re so grateful to Patricia and customers just like her who kindly leave us reviews, so please do keep in touch, we love to know what you think.

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