Can’t Live Without : Just Add Cream Dessert Mixes

Oh, how we love sinking a spoon into a thick, rich, creamy dessert. And how much more we love it when it was near effortless to create. Fancy trying your hand at a fresh, home-made dessert that looks like it was hours in the making, rather than mere minutes? With our Just Add Cream Dessert Mixes you can do just that.

Perfect when you really fancy an indulgent treat without all of the effort, there are five amazing flavours to choose from – Panna Cotta, Chocolate Pot, Red Berry Pot, Crème Brûlée, and brand new to the range, Lemon Pot. You only need to add cream to the powder mix, stir and simmer for a minute, pour into ramekins, then set in the fridge for an hour… and that’s it!

We worked really hard to make our Just Add Cream pudding mixes absolutely delicious, and we know that you really appreciate them too. And you can easily pass them off as your own recipe, since they’re so good nobody will be able to tell they came out of a packet!

Leah Farrow has shopped with Lakeland for over 30 years, and has tried three of the four existing flavours, and kindly left some reviews on our website. Leah said the Crème Brûlée was “Simple to make, delicious to eat. Lovely.” And as for the Chocolate Pot… “Glad I tried this. Easy but tasty dessert to keep in the larder. My family loved it.” Leah’s short and sweet reviews perfectly sum up these really simple mixes.

We called Leah, a mum to two teenagers, to ask her a little more about one of our favourite ranges. “My family favour the Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Pot flavours, though we haven’t tried the berry one yet. I add a little of your Star Kay White Orange Extract to the chocolate pot mix – it makes a really lovely chocolate orange dessert. You don’t need much; I set it in little espresso cups which are just enough… though you can have more than one cup! My whole family loves them, and they’re just so easy.”

Originally from West Yorkshire, Leah now lives in Buckinghamshire, and shops in our Windsor store as well as on our website. “I have visited your Windermere store – it’s fabulous. I use so many things from Lakeland. Daily things like the Wrapmaster Foil & Cling Dispenser, and the more exciting things like the Christmas games that you unravel. Great fun. I love all the Christmassy foods as well; they make fab presents.”

We loved hearing how many of our products Leah has at home, and she went on to tell us that her family are keen bakers too. When we spoke to her, Leah was making a two-tier cake, and had recently baked unicorn cake pops and biscuits, using our cutter and sprinkles, for her daughter’s birthday. “Baking is a lovely thing to do as a family. Your 3D Christmas Cookie Cutter Set comes out every year, too. It creates such lovely memories when you bake together. And even if we don’t do the making together – say if the kids are at school – we still enjoy eating the results together!”

Leah even got back in touch with us the next day to tell us we’d been on her mind… “Your question about my favourite Lakeland purchase really got me thinking this morning about how the purchases we make from Lakeland pervade through so much of our lives. From getting up and throwing my jimmy jams into a Lakeland laundry hamper, coming downstairs to catch “Edgar” our Lakeland iRoomba finishing hoovering up the kitchen, to popping on the kettle we purchased from Lakeland to taking out our Lakeland porridge mugs and Lakeland overnight oat mugs, wrapping my children’s lunchtime sandwiches… I could go on, there is sooo much. My husband was shocked. :o)”

We were really pleased that Leah has so many of our products in daily use, and we can’t wait to hear what she thinks of the brand new lemon flavour dessert mix too!

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