Can’t Live Without : Fat Trappers

From cleaning heroes that get every inch of your home gleaming to time-saving cookware and baking ideas for amazing cakes – and everything else in between – there are thousands of carefully chosen products in our range. We’re always working to bring you brand new and exciting ideas, but there are those that remain in our range year after year, too… There’s a simple reason that they’ve stood the test of time – they work. We love to hear from our customers – whether it’s via our website, in store, over the phone or through social media – so we asked our Facebook followers which products they just can’t live without.

We had so many responses, and we were really chuffed to hear how many Lakeland products are in daily use in our customers’ homes. Pauline Walsh told us… “Oh I can’t live without the narrow roll of baking parchment and the squares and circles. I bake professionally and these save me so much time. The fat trappers too as they save so much mess in the grill and the heavy-duty oven liner and…. and… and… I could go on and on!!”

We were delighted to hear that Pauline loved so many of our products, so we called her for a little chat. As someone who bakes professionally, Pauline raved about our baking range, including our parchment that comes in a helpful range of sizes, but then we got on to Fat Trappers.

Designed to line a grill pan and soak up excess fat when cooking, it’s fair to say that Pauline is a big fan of them. So much so that when she buys them, she orders 10 packs at a time! Pauline told us, “I love Fat Trappers – couldn’t live without them”. We sell them in two sizes – for grilling and roasting – and it’s the grill pan version that Pauline won’t be without. “I usually use two a week. On a weekend when the whole family is home, I cook mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages and rashers under the grill, and the Fat Trappers just wick up all the fat, keeping the rack and grill pan really clean. I occasionally grill steaks or lamb chops too. If I don’t use them, fat splashes up and catches the element – we’ve had flames before! Like on the morning of my daughter’s wedding when my son grilled something without using a Fat Trapper… There’s always one in the pan now. I absolutely rave about them, they’re just so good! My sister-in-law uses them too, and whenever I buy some she always looks for a pack.”

Pauline has been a Lakeland customer for over 20 years. Her eldest daughter lived in Guildford back then and Pauline would always call in to the Lakeland store when she was visiting from Southern Ireland. “I’d always bring back as much as I could fit in my suitcase!” More recently, Pauline has been making cakes professionally for the last 6 years. “I made Christening cakes for families in the early days, and now I’m doing 5th birthday cakes for them. I take so much time and care with my cakes and I’m really pleased that people come back to me.”

It’s a bit like that at Lakeland – we look after our customers, hope they love the things they get from us, and that they’ll always choose to shop with us, just like Pauline does. With no local Lakeland store, Pauline shops online and over the phone. “The customer service staff are always so helpful and nice when I call. I usually just ring up to order, but I did once have a problem that was dealt with brilliantly. It’s simply excellent service. I just wish there was a store nearer – I’d probably spend a fortune though!”

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