Can’t Live Without : Easter Egg Moulds

One of the busiest rooms at our Lakeland headquarters is the test kitchen. Attached to the Buying Department, it’s the place where many of our Buyers’ discoveries are put through their paces, and there’s something different going on all the time – whether it’s a kitchen cleaner being tested on the tiles, or every function of a food processor being put to task.

Whenever possible, our Customer Service colleagues like to give our products a whirl too, so they can provide really helpful answers when you call through with a query. Debbie, a long-standing member of our helpful Customer Service Team, remembers one morning when she grabbed a few colleagues and said, “Come on, let’s go into the test kitchen and have a go with the Easter Egg Moulds.”

“I remember this vividly!” she recalls. “I used a brush to give the large moulds a really good, thick coating of melted chocolate; with a brush you could make sure the chocolate was even, and thick enough so it wouldn’t crack when set. After the eggs had been set in the fridge, I used the brush again to paint a little more melted chocolate around the edges to stick the two sides together. At first I wasn’t sure how well the mould would work but I was so impressed with the result! I remember looking at the finished egg, smiling, and actually thinking out loud, ‘Oh that’s really good – it looks just like the picture!’”

That’s exactly what we’d hoped for with these moulds, and for all the years we’ve been selling them, we’ve heard from loads of customers who – just like Debbie – have been really surprised and delighted with the results. “It was great fun! I was so pleased that I even took the moulds home to use with my daughter, Milly. Together we made a batch of the little eggs – they’re a bit easier as you just fill the little moulds to make solid eggs. Even with a little girl ‘helping’ they turned out great. We reused our moulds several times, and I would definitely buy them again. Now Milly is a bit older I think she’d love to have a go at making one of the big eggs for her gran. The end results really are so much better than shop-bought as it’s so much fun to do.”

Having worked at Lakeland for 16 years, Debbie has tried and tested countless Lakeland products in that time. Most of the people who work at Lakeland shop here, too, so when you call our Customer Service Team with a product query, there’ll usually be someone around who has been ‘hands on’ with just the thing you’re asking about who can give you a really helpful answer. “I do enjoy baking at home when I can; flapjack is my favourite, and I enjoy making apple crumbles and stews too – anything that sneaks a bit of healthy food into Milly’s diet! Milly enjoys helping me to prepare tea after school and is happiest baking fairy cakes, muffins and biscuits to add a pudding to her packed lunches – we’ll definitely be making Easter eggs again, too!”

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