Blow off steam and keep it clean

Start your cleaning off with a spring in your step and a spot of steam cleaning

Wave goodbye to harsh chemicals as you sail full steam ahead into the wonderful world of steam cleaning. From the bathroom to the kitchen, harness the power of steam to clean most sealed hard flooring as well as some soft furnishings. Capable of killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, our range of easy-to-use steam cleaners are just what you need to keep your home shipshape and ready for summer.

Wipe away the flaws from your floors

No need for heavy buckets of water and detergent, with a handy-dandy steam mop you simply fill the chamber with water and you’re good to go. Give some well-deserved attention to those kitchen floor tiles; why not pop the kettle on, steam the floor then have a well-deserved brew when you’re through.

Blitz away those bathroom blues

Cleaning the bathroom can feel like a never-ending task when you use lots of different products to get the job done. Steam cleaning can make this task much more manageable, since you can tackle the tiles, steam away those splash marks, grapple with that grouting and sort the sink with one tool.

Clean curtain care

When you think steam cleaning, there’s a tendency to focus on the hard floors and surfaces. But what if we told you you could also give some love to your soft furnishings? If you have a handheld model or one with attachments, you can even care for your carpets, curtains and upholstery.

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