Basil – the can’t-live-without-it herb.

It simply exudes summer! Sprinkle over salads, pizzas, pastas and even summer strawberries (yep, strawberries). Originating from India, today Basil can be found all over the world. Preferring light soil and high temperatures summer is most certainly Basil’s season (it’s not a fan of frost). There are over 160 varieties of basil that differ in colour, size and taste with each type having it’s own unique aroma.

Make the most of this in season summer staple…

r80610_1Basil Tagliatelle

View recipe here

Home-made tagliatelle is great to have on standby for a speedy supper

 r80781_1Basil, Tomato and Ricotta Tart

View recipe here

Made using our Lakeland Perfobake 7” Loose-Based Quiche Tin


r80814_1Basil and Lemon Microwave Chicken 

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Made in our Microwave Pressure Cooker

r80226_1Basil Pesto

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Stir pesto through freshly cooked pasta, top with rocket, Parmesan and tomatoes for a simple, summery meal.

r80797_1Basil Ice Cream with Strawberries

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Made using our Lakeland Mini Ice Cream Maker and Basil Extract 


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