Baked with love, sprinkles and a bit of magic…

There’s nothing so rainbow-bright, sparkly and magical as a unicorn, which is why it’s so much fun to create unicorn-themed sweet treats, decorated with all the colourful icing, sprinkles and shiny lustre dust you can throw at them, and why kids (of all ages) love them so much. Here’s how we got our fairy-tale ending.

Unicorn Celebration Cake 

What you do

Bake a tall 15cm/6-inch cake, sandwich the layers together with buttercream and finish with a crumb coat of buttercream on the sides and top. To cover, use a small amount of Renshaw Ready-to-Roll Purple Icing and mix with white icing to create a lilac shade. Stop mixing them just before they go a solid colour, as this will give a nice soft marbling effect when rolled out. Roll out the icing to 3-4mm thick and cover your cake.

Taking the Katy Sue Designs Unicorn Silicone Mould, press brightly coloured fondant icing into the different strands of the mane and flowers – the internal detail of the mould will help to guide you. Press white icing into the face and horn, and more brightly coloured icing into the separate little flower and leaf moulds at the base. Flex the mould to remove all the decorations, then fix them to the cake with a little Edible Glue while they’re still flexible.

To make the twisted rope round the bottom of the cake, add white fondant icing to the Decortwist Fondant Icing Shaper, add numbered disc 6, and turn the handle to make a 2-strand rope. Gently twist this to get the effect shown, then brush on a little Edible Glue round the base of your cake and attach it in place.

Unicorn Mask Cookies

What you do

Make your cookie mixture and roll out. Use the Unicorn Mask Cookie Cutter to cut out the mask shapes. Leave to cool completely once baked.

Roll out fondant icing in your chosen colours – we used fondant icing in deeper shades of purple, pink, green, blue and yellow, then mixed them with white icing to get these pastel shades. Then use the same cutter to cut out the sections to add to the top of your cookies – we used a little Edible Glue to stick most of these straight onto the cookie, then stuck the eye patches on top of the main white layer.

Mini Unicorn Cookies

What you do

Use our 6 Mini Unicorn Cookie Cutters to stamp out little cookies, bake, then leave to cool.

To decorate, roll out your chosen colours of fondant icing to top the two unicorn, jewel, heart and star cookies, and make the clouds at either end of the rainbow cookies. Use the cutters to cut them out and attach to the top of your cookies with Edible Glue (you’ll need to cut out the clouds from the rest of the rainbow shape stamped out with the cutter).

To add the unicorn manes, tail and the rainbow, roll really thin sausages of different coloured fondant icing (we used the same pastel shades that we’d made for the mask cookies) and again, attach to either the cookies or the layer of fondant icing using Edible Glue.

Draw on the unicorn eyes using a black edible ink pen, and use decorating tools to draw on mouths, nostrils and create the faceted look on the jewel cookies – a ruler might help with this too.

Sparkly Unicorn Cupcakes

What you do

Bake your favourite flavour of cupcake in our Unicorn Cupcake Cases. Mix up buttercream (or cheat by using Renshaw’s Personalise Me! Frosting), add pink food colouring, and pipe onto the top of your cooled cupcakes using a piping bag fitted with the 2D Wilton Flower Nozzle. Finish off with sparkly sprinkles, like Scrumptious Sprinkles’ Ice Pink 100s and 1000s.

And if you fancy a break from all that cake, there’s always little chocolates made in our Unicorn Chocolate Mould, which comes with gift bags and stickers so you can make magically delicious little gifts too.

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